What is the best thing to do before a workout?

Let’s face it, everyone wants to do their best during workout.

But to get that, it’s not only down to what you do in the gym but also how you prepare for the workout.

Pre-workout routine is unique for all of us, and finding the perfect habit to get you in the zone takes a bit of trial and error.

So we’ve broken down the 7 common ways to prepare for a great workout.

1. Listen to music

It is important to have a good playlist, but listening to upbeat music loudly either through a speaker or headphones and having a boogie really gets the endorphins going when not feeling in the mood.


The type of playlist you choose varies – but another reader says that strong women like Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion or Doja Cat, can inspire you to work harder.

2. Start moving 

Simply getting started is a good way to achieve just about anything.

Just starting to ease your body into movement can get you excited to get through a proper workout.

It could be on your way to the gym or a warm-up.

Once you are moving and in the workout environment, it’s easier to continue.

Another tip is doing a bit of yoga, even if it’s just 10 mins, can help prepare for the session to come.

3. Timing

Timing is everything, but know that there’s no one ‘best time to work out.

If you want to have a really good workout, you need a plan to workout at a time when you are most energetic.

It could be afternoon or evening or before work.

Mornings work best for a lot of people as it means the thought of a big workout isn’t looming over them.

Doing it first thing can get you hyped for it!



4.Eat right 

If you can’t work out at your preferred time, then energising yourself in other ways is essential.

That’s where nutrition comes in.

If you tend to work out in the afternoons due to work schedule, then the most important thing is to have a protein-heavy lunch a minimum of an hour and a half before workout.

Any sooner and you can feel sluggish and heavy; any longer and you won’t feel the same energy buzz.

Other people prefer different nutrients, some nutritionists recommend eating beetroot for the amino acids.

There is some research that suggests beetroot can improve blood flow around the body to impact exercise performance – maybe one to try if you really want to supercharge your session.

While the obvious go-to is caffeine, quite a few people said that it actually wreaks havoc with their digestion or energy levels.

In the four hours pre-workout avoid caffeine and I have a BCAA (branched chain amino acid) drink instead.

5.Think better 

Many of us have mindset hacks to get us in the mood to focus during our workout.

One of which was visualising feeling powerful and how you are going to feel after.

Studies have shown that functional imagery training – where you envision yourself performing and succeeding at an activity – managed to get non-runners across the line of a 50k ultra marathon.

Another mindset tool is the 5 second rule to action.

The idea being that you have to act on an impulse within five seconds or your brain will kill the idea.

So, when you get even a thought of moving, do it right then rather than waiting in order to perform your best.

Another way to start getting excited about your training is to watch other people do theirs.


6.Get cold shower

Cold showers really ramp up energy levels pre high impact classes.

Do some researching the benefits of cold showers for energy levels.

It’s definitely life-changing.


7.Wear the gear

It seems you can dress for the workout you want.

Comfortable underwear can get you through tough workouts.

You can’t train well if you are irritated by underwear.

It’s also about the fact that wearing the kit means you can’t quit.

Make sure its a cute outfit that you are excited about and makes you feel good about moving your body.

Now it’s down to you – which ritual do you think will help you on the days you really want to perform at your best?

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