Is grooming your dog necessary?


The most seemingly mundane dog grooming features—their fur, nails, ears, and teeth, for instance.

It all work in concept to create homeostatic balance, keeping them healthy and comfortable.

Too much dead fur trapped in a dog’s coat can lead to mats, which can lead to pelting, and eventually skin infections and overheating.

Nails that are too long can create pressure on the nail beds, which can cause joint pain and even arthritis.

Neglecting the small things like brushing their coats and trimming their nails can lead to long-term health issues.

With a little knowledge, patience, and consistency, these can be avoided.


Whether dogs are groomed at home, brought to professionals, or some combination of the two, understanding the role a dogs external features play in their overall health and well-being is a vitally important part of routine grooming practices.

Every breed requires slightly different levels of maintenance to keep the dog looking and feeling its best.

Independent research and consulting with a dog’s veterinarian can help you determine the tools and frequency with which to groom your canine companion.

To help you get started, ManyPets consulted pet organizations and licensed veterinarians to compile a list of 10 ways regular grooming benefits a dog’s health.

Not only is proper grooming a part of the pet-parent job description, it could also turn out to be a life-saving practice for a dog.

The more familiar owners are with their dogs bodies, the better they are able to identify anomalies.

Finding a cancerous lump sooner rather than later, for instance, can increase the likelihood of successful treatment.

Identifying issues like skin irritations or ear infections can ensure a dog does not needlessly suffer.

If you’re considering adding a dog to the family, if you’ve been lax about your dog’s grooming habits, or even if you’re a conscientious groomer, routine grooming can improve a dog’s day-to-day life.

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