What to do if you can’t get to sleep at night? 8 Natural Remedies For Better Sleep

There is no dispute that sleep is important to good health.

With nearly 70 million people with sleep disorders, finding out about natural remedies to help you sleep better at night is important.

In this article, we will talk about the 8 natural remedies to sleep better at night.

With all that said, let’s start.


Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation is one of those techniques that promote wellness through peace of mind and body. And different types of meditations exist. The one you’re looking for is called mindfulness meditation.

Through this particular technique, you are making yourself aware of every breath you take, every thought, feeling, and sensation. This technique is particularly popular with wellness.

Those that practice wellness and healthy lifestyles have great use of mindfulness meditation. But why exactly?

At the core of mindfulness meditation are breathing techniques. And these techniques help rid your body of stress, improve concentration, improve immunity, and of course, improve sleep.

Plenty of researches show that mindfulness meditation helps battle sleep disorders such as insomnia.


CBD is red-hot at the moment. Not only can we take CBD in numerous forms such as oil, gummies, capsules, and even through vaping, but it is highly effective in helping you sleep better.

CBD derives from the Cannabis Sativa plant. A more popular compound of CBD is THC. But the main difference between both, and the subject of a lot of confusion, is the fact that CBD doesn’t get you high as opposed to THC.

CBD is responsible for many benefits, of which helping you sleep better at night is one of them. Other benefits include pain relief, removal of acne, anxiety, depression, and more.

According to CBD Oil Sleep Guide, the importance of of sleep hygiene is understated so don’t neglect that.

The way CBD oil, for example, helps you sleep better is night is very simple. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system. And through the receptors of this system, we are able to experience the calming effect of the compound.

This results in relaxing the mind which ultimately helps us go to sleep faster and much easier.



Like CBD and meditation, magnesium is an equally good option to help you sleep better at night. And like CBD, it is a natural remedy that helps us relax and relieve stress.

Science shows that stress plays a huge role in preventing us from sleeping. Since that’s the case, magnesium packs enough of a big punch to relieve stress altogether and encourage healthy sleep patterns.

Taking as little as 500mg of magnesium each day can transform your sleep pattern. It is encouraged that women take only 300mg daily.

With that amount, we can battle all sorts of sleep disorders like insomnia.

Lavender Oil

Out of the many scent-based natural remedies, lavender can do a world of good for your sleeping problems. Apart from being able to calm the mind and relax muscles, lavender oil acts as a natural antidepressant and pain reliever.

The great thing about lavender oil is that there are plenty of ways to take it. The most natural way is to take it orally as this is also the most effective way. You can also find lavender oil in the form of capsules and be used in diffusers.

Diffusers are devices that can spread the lavender oil around in the form of breathable particles. You can also use plenty of other essential oils and even mix a few with lavender oil to achieve different results.


Much like the other natural remedies on this list, melatonin is excellent for improving your sleep and the quality of it. But melatonin has shown excellent results in sick patients.

It seems that melatonin works best for people with various conditions such as stomach issues and headaches. You can find melatonin in the form of capsules. The downside is that you might have to wait 30 minutes for the effects to kick in.



We have yet another essential oil that does wonders for your sleeping problems. Chamomile can be taken as tea, in the form of capsules, or placed in a diffuser the same way you would use lavender.

Chamomile oil is particularly effective and has been used for decades to help calm the nerves, reduce stress, and even ease insomnia. Some even recommend chamomile to insomnia patients as the mixture of benefits can drastically help combat the disorder.

If you’re planning on using it as tea, then do expect a delicious flavor. You can add one or two bags, but most say that you can go up to three just to make sure you’re getting the sleep-promoting effect.


Yet another natural herb on this list, valerian is also a remedy that does the same things as chamomile and lavender. But unlike those two, it is the root of the herb that helps with anxiety, stress, and sleep.

The root of the valerian herb might not be as delicious when used in tea but it is a very effective remedy that will ease insomnia and various other sleep disorders.


California Poppy

The last remedy on this list is the California Poppy. Some of you know what this herb can do but for the others, California Poppy can make you feel sluggish and lethargic.

And in some cases, that’s exactly what you need to help calm a racing mind. The California Poppy herb is an excellent method to help cope with various sleep disorders such as insomnia.

The best way to take the herb is to place the leaves in hot water for around 10 minutes. Once you sip from the cup, do expect the herb to calm your mind and body at the same time leaving you prepped for bed.

Finishing Thoughts

Plenty of natural remedies exist to help you beat common sleep disorders for a better night’s sleep. And most of these are easily accessible and can be prepared at home. Lastly, we hope that our list of 8 natural remedies will serve you well if you’re having any sleeping problems at night.

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