Is it healthy to make love everyday? 6 Health Benefits Of Sex


Making love is good for adults.  While there are many studies, there are those which talk about how a sex life can make you feel good and give your mental health a boost.

A satisfying sex life is directly proportional to a person’s mental health and can have a positive impact on your relationship.

Six Mental Health Benefits Of Sex

Deepens The Connection

For any two individuals to have a positive relationship, satisfactory sex life is an important part.

For a couple, that’s just as essential as having a good wavelength or having compatibility. Studies show healthy sexual relationship can improve the emotional connect between partners.

A study by David D. Allsop notes, “It is possible for higher levels of sexual satisfaction to lead to higher levels of subsequent relationship satisfaction and, within the same person, for higher levels of relationship satisfaction to lead to higher levels of subsequent sexual satisfaction.”


Mental Health Impact

Satisfying sexual relationships trigger benefits for mental health.

Physical intimacy, sexual thoughts about consensual sex and the actual sex itself releases a large number of chemicals in the brain including oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins.

All these are geared up to ultimately bring you satisfaction and can have a soothing effect on your mental health.

Satisfactory Sex Lives

In every relationship, the pleasure and satisfaction must be for both. Sexual satisfaction may give rise to higher levels of emotional intimacy between sexual partners.

We can say that emotional warmth, intimacy and regular sex are all inter-connected.

Couples report a higher degree of emotional connection when they have satisfactory sex lives.


Improves Expression

Sexual health is deeply connected to one’s confidence. When people are happy, emotionally and physically satisfied, they feel confident. That makes for an environment that is comfortable for partners to be expressive.

Could it help to reduce Depression?

Depression and sexual activity are also connected with each other.

Dissatisfaction in one can affect the other. Unsatisfying physical relationships, or one sides ones can have a big impact on mental health.

Sex has been termed as an antidepressant by various studies.

A study suggested that sex is a mood lifter. This means that sexual activity does help in elevating one’s mood and happiness.

Reduces Stress

Not only does sex release stimulating hormones, it also releases stress in ways one can’t imagine. There is pleasure on one side, and sexual satisfaction on the other.

Studies too have talked about the idea of sex being a stress relief technique.

Sexual activity and orgasm have been proved to reduce stress.

This is perhaps because of the surge in oxytocin. Orgasm thus relieves tension as oxytocin relieves warmth and relaxation.

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