Can ABS be worked out every day? Top tips for your Abs Training


Abs training is necessary, no matter if you are aiming for a simple 6-pack or a huge bulky body.

Abdominal muscles, which are part of the body’s core, need to be strong for better athletic performance.

It must also be noted that the core supports the body’s spine and training them regularly can also help avoid injuries.

However, there is a debate as to whether or not you should work out your abs every day.

Let’s discuss that in detail and also check out five important tips to develop an aesthetic core.


Should You Perform Abs Workout Daily?

If you perform weightlifting and compound exercises regularly, then your abs are trained every day.

Core muscles are engaged while doing exercises like squats, deadlifts, snatch, clean to name a few.

If a person is able to perform heavy lifts with proper form, then it is an indication of a stronger core.

However, the same person might not have well-sculptured abs, and this is due to the excess fat in the abdominal area.

Therefore, the high visibility of your abs depends upon your diet.

However, focussing on different abdominal muscles, like obliques, lower abs, middle abs and upper abs is necessary for a person who desires a chiselled core.

You can train these different abs muscles individually on different days and therefore, there is no harm performing abdominal exercises daily.

However, overdoing it with lack of stretching can lead to injury.

Also, it is better to avoid training abs on legs exercise and back exercise day.

While training legs and backs, abs are trained to a greater extend.


Five Tips to Develop Aesthetic Core

1. Focus on diet, eat foods which are high in protein, healthy fats. If you wish for an aesthetic core, then ensure your meals are helping in shooting up your metabolic rate.

Drink adequate amount of water and completely avoid refined sugar, refined grains, junk and oily foods. Also, make sure to include fibre rich fruits and green vegetables in your daily diet.

2. Make sure that you take quality sleep every day at least for eight to nine hours. During deep sleep, your body releases growth hormone, a key ingredient in lean tissue production, that helps in developing a strong core.

3. Don’t just focus on abs training but make sure that you equally work on strengthening erector spinae by doing exercises like deadlifts, hyperextension or good morning. This will help avoid injury to a greater extent.

4. Crunches and other isotonic abs movement are not bad, but it should also be incorporated with isometric holds like planks or hanging knee raise hold or leg raise hold.

5. Apart from weight training and abs exercise, dedicate one day in a week to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This will help in body fat loss and also increase your muscular endurance.

Therefore, it is necessary to train abdominal muscles regularly just like other muscle groups.

Your diet should be planned as per your fitness and training goals.

Take proper consultation from a dietician and fitness expert before choosing a fitness regime for yourself.

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