The Epic Formula to Finally Achieve Weight Loss Goals Faster


Are you losing your mind over questions like…

How can I lose weight fast naturally?

How do I lose ten pounds in a month?

Who should I go to to lose weight?

Then you should not worry as stress will only deteriorate your health and lead to weight gain.

For many, losing weight aka fat can be a huge task but there are certain things one should first understand like whether you have water weight or just bloated and not actually overweight.

You also have to understand your body type so that you can determine your diet and exercise regime finally. 

Many people on weight loss journey know that healthy eating and exercising are two best and safest ways to lose weight, however, there certain tricks and tips you can follow that will help to speed up your weight loss process.

Today we are sharing one more smart and useful hack.

In this hack, you have to incorporate a spoonful of certain rich and nutritious foods daily as they can help you to lose weight by boosting your metabolism and balance your sugar levels among others.


1. 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar

We know that apple cider vinegar is a great superfood but weight watchers especially, should incorporate 1 spoon of it every day.

Why? Because it enhances the feeling of fullness, makes you less prone to eat between meals, and its raw viscose essence called the mother is full of probiotics which helps to get a better gut. And better gut indirectly leads to weight loss.

The acetic acid content balances out the sugar levels in your body. You can drink apple cider vinegar and warm water concoction every morning. 

2. 1 spoon of ginger or ginger powder 

Ginger is another superfood that you should any which ways add to your daily diet.

Ginger has a thermogenic effect on the body which boosts your digestion in such a way that you’ll burn calories without much effort.

You can enjoy ginger tea or add a spoonful of ginger powder or paste in your everyday meals. 

3. 1 spoon of flaxseeds

The high fiber content keeps us full for good hours. It also helps to trigger metabolism, enhances your digestion, and regulates your bowel movements.

And all these factors are related to weight loss.

The best part is that adding flaxseeds aka alsi can be added in any dish as they have a mild and bland taste. You can add to your smoothies, shakes, yogurt, soups, salads and fruit juices among others.

4. 1 spoon of chia seeds

We all know how important is fiber for our bodies.

Did you know 2 tablespoons of chia can give 40% of your necessary fiber intake?

For the unversed, they keep us fuller for a long time, activates your metabolism, and regulates your bowel movements.

They are also packed with protein which is again helpful to lose weight by boosting metabolism. Want to know some chia based recipes? Check out this link here. 

5. 1 spoon of green tea

Yes, many of us know that green tea is a great weight loss tool but many hardly drink it because of its taste. It is chockfull of nutrients and anti-oxidants which will improve your health as well as help to get rid of extra stored fat.

You should incorporate 1 cup of tea at least for better health and sustainable weight loss.

6. 1 spoon of turmeric

Just like ginger, turmeric also has thermogenic properties, it increases your body temperature and boosts your metabolism.

And better metabolism helps to mobilize the fat which was accumulated in parts of your body. Turmeric also prevents fat accumulation in your body.

You can add in several dishes or just dissolve it in a glass of water and drink it.

Bottom line

Eat moderately and healthy, workout daily and make sure to include 1 spoon of these weight loss superfoods every day. 

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