Jennifer Lawrence’s Beauty Hacks You Must Follow if You Want Glowing Skin


Jennifer Lawrence has become one of the most in demand actresses  and highly valued in Hollywood.

Her roles in films such as The hunger games, X-Men and Joy, a feature film for which she won the Golden Globe for best actress.

However, in addition to her undeniable talent for acting.

She has an amazing sense of humor, strong personality, and, of course, the natural beauty that has become an inspiration to thousands of women.

So much so that, despite the criticisms received by rejecting body image established in the industry, the main protagonist of Passengers it has become the ambassador of Joy, the latest fragrance for women from Dior.

Taking advantage of this new incursion on the world of beauty, the celebrity has confessed her best kept beauty secrets.

The muse of the ‘maison’ of luxury, that did not create a women’s fragrance from J’adore in 1999, has revealed that, unlike the vast majority of stars of Hollywood, she doesn’t follow any type of diet.

I’d really like to be more careful with my health. I don’t take vitamins.

But I exercise! I do pilates and I run”.

Lawrence has revealed her morning routine.

“I take a coffee, I brush my teeth and I use echo sunscreen.

After I put on concealer and I take my dog, Pippi, to the park.

Then, I take a shower.

I take a look at the CNN.


Despite confessing that normally she doesn’t use any type of makeup, unless there is a special event.

Jennifer has also explained what are the beauty products that have a special place in her bag.

The star has explained that, as she has very dry skin, always apply a night cream and during the day use sunscreen.

“No matter what, I always make sure I have zinc”, continues.

In terms of hair care, Lawrence ensures that she hates his curly hair and opt for smooth tresses.

So, with these declarations, the iconic actress is back to demonstrate that, far from being obsessed to fit in with the strict canons of hollywood, continues staying true to his philosophy as an advocate of a natural beauty, without cheating or cardboard.

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