What are changes in lifestyle after covid-19?


In the recent years, we have seen the largest socio-economic and health crisis due to Covid-19.

This has not only opened the eyes of many people in terms of making conscious choices and but it has also encouraged them to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Here at Healthy Supplies Shop we find how the pandemic changed people’s lifestyle habits.

People are now more conscious of the food they eat and how much they eat.

The pandemic has pushed a large portion of the fence-sitters over to the wellness segment.

This is unlike the mindless eating and sedentary lifestyle we had adopted in the past decades.

Cut to the present.


There is a huge demand for food with ingredients that are organic or grown with sustainable practices.

The pandemic has also brought back traditional food in a big way, riding on the nostalgia wave.

A sharp spike in the consumption of cooking videos and home cooking experiments is evidence of this trend.

This has reintroduced all of us to our own culinary history and gastronomical roots.

Before the pandemic, food was seen as luxury that satiates our tongue, but post-pandemic scenario, many people have woken up to the adage ‘you are what you eat.

There is a trade-off between healthy food and tasty junk food.


Some people are buying products that are healthy and also have higher shelf-life like dry fruits, yogurt, green teas, dry mushrooms, frozen meats and cold cuts.

People are drawing inspiration from the countless blogs that feature foods to build immunity, foods to beat Covid-19, foods to improve metabolism, food to gut health, and more.

This is all in good intent and it helps them make informed decisions.

However, the trend is not representative of all.

Some are going back to their old routine of consuming junk food as they are going out again. Others have chosen to remain fit and healthy.

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