Does Japanese knotweed help with weight loss?


Does Japanese Knotweed Help In Weight Loss?

Japanese Knotweed is one such wonder plant whose role in effective weight loss has fascinated one and all.

If you haven’t heard about it, here’s why you should know about it.

What is Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed is a herbaceous perennial plant that is native to Japan, Taiwan, North China, and Korea.

In countries like US, it is considered an invasive species because Knotweed grows rapidly and displaces native species with its expansion.

Extremely resilient by nature, Knotweed’s shoots can even grow through tarmac and concrete.

But this is not what defines it.

Japanese Knotweed contains a powerful antioxidant compound called resveratrol.

Resveratrol is found naturally in some healthy foods such as peanuts, grapes, red wine, and mulberries.

To date, resveratrol is widely renowned for being the most potent natural polyphenolic compound that is able to enhance lipid oxidation for fat burning.

It regulates cortisol or stress hormones in the body, thereby triggering a positive impact on weight loss.

Benefits of Japanese Knotweed

Some of the established and well-accepted benefits of this herbal plant are enumerated below-

  • Anti-ageing benefits: Japanese Knotweed has found its use in many skin care products in Asia due to its anti-ageing properties. It can also be used to heal minor wounds or burns owing to resveratrol’s nature as an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory element.
  • Improves cognitive functions: The herb is said to have a positive effect on Dementia and Alzheimers. Resveratrol prevents free radicals that cause neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Prevents gastrointestinal problems: Japanese Knotweed contains emodin that acts as a mild laxative and helps clear out the digestive system. It can be consumed to ease constipation, cramps, bloating, inflammation, and chronic pain.
  • Helps prevent heart disease: Resveratrol is also an important cure to preventing coronary problems and heart diseases.
  • Avoids bone loss: You heard that right. Trans-resveratrol found in the roots of Japanese Knotweed is a phytoestrogen having estrogenic properties. This means they can mildly mimic or sometimes also act as antagonists of estrogen.

This attribute is useful when the lack of estrogen in the body is causing bone loss.

  1. Supports the vision: Japanese knotweed is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, thereby improving the vision and protecting it from several ailments like cataracts.
  2. Helps to boost immunity: To restore your immunity and keep you charged throughout the day, antioxidants in Japanese knotweed act as an antibacterial agent that will defend the body fights bacterial and viral infections
  1. Lyme Disease: Japanese Knotweed root is famous for its role in aiding the central nervous system. Henceforth, it kills Lyme bacteria causing Lyme Disease.

Is there any relationship between Japanese Knotweed and Weight loss?

By now, Japanese Knotweed’s contribution in triggering healthy weight loss in many people has been established.

However, having it raw could be a bit risky.

Thus, Japanese knotweed extract is majorly consumed in the form of a nutritional supplements.

It works in the supplement to enhance metabolism and hence cause quick weight loss.

Weight loss is linked to a lot of things in the body.

Usually, the body stops burning fat when it is under stressful conditions.

Japanese Knotweed thus triggers adequate cortisol response, balanced blood circulation, and burning of fat, eventually increasing the risks of any lethal cardiovascular event.

Our body knows how to effectuate natural weight loss without any external pressure.

Japanese Knotweed in the product simply awakens this ability. Cortisol hormone is the biggest reason the body is not able to start the natural weight loss process.

By managing stress levels that the hormone is responsible for, it controls energy production and utilization inside the body.

When cortisol levels are balanced, the body will regain its ability to burn the fat obtained from the food and thereby fasten the weight loss process.


Though the research on the medicinal properties of Japanese Knotweed is limited.

Many people have already been using it and noticing the effects themselves, their positive results have been a compilation of its various benefits.

And cementing the proposition of Japanese Knotweed as an effective remedy in weight loss and other functions.

Nonetheless, you must consult your physician before consuming any nutritional supplement with Japanese Knotweed since its side effects have not been reported so far.

So to stay certain if it will be safe for consumption, especially in case of underlying comorbidities.

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