What exercises lift your buttocks fast? 12 Best Workouts On YouTube


If you’re short on time but still want to give your all-important butt some love, these 15-minute workouts — all of which are on YouTube — can help you lift your buttocks fast.

Exercising your buns comes with a host of benefits, including strengthening your glutes and the surrounding muscles, boosting lower-body bone and joint health, and improving your body’s ability to function in everyday life.

Your peach is at the center of your body, after all, and powers you through so many of your daily movements.

And, much like butts themselves, glute workouts come in all forms — from weighted circuits to bodyweight intervals and Pilates-style sessions. So you can pick your favorite fitness modality as you reap all those perks.

Whether you’re looking for a quick HIIT sesh or a gentler yoga flow (yes, you can strengthen your glutes through yoga) to squeeze in between Zoom meetings or social appointments, these are the 12 best 15-minute butt workouts on YouTube that will add the booty burn to your sweat sesh.

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Low-Impact Bodyweight Workout

Resistance Band Butt Workout

Merely adding a resistance band to a butt workout can add a serious challenge. In this 15-minute class, YouTuber Nicola will show you how to incorporate the small but mighty piece of fitness equipment into glute exercises so you can maximize the burn.

Weighted Circuits

Pilates For Your Booty

If you’re a fan of Pilates, then you’ll love this butt-focused session from fitness influencer Cassey Ho. High repetitions of small but muscle-quaking movements that target your glutes will have your backside on fire (in a good way).

Equipment-Free Glutes Sequence

You don’t need any equipment for this butt-strengthening sesh — in just 15 minutes, this bodyweight workout will help you build glute strength using everything from classic squats to creative hip bridge and lunge variations.

No-Standing Butt Workout

You don’t even have to stand in this butt workout. Sweat through bum-targeted donkey kicks and hip bridges while remaining on your mat.

One Exercise Per Minute Sesh

Dumbbell Strength Session

Grab your dumbbells and move through this YouTube workout for some butt-focused resistance training. It’ll guide you through strength-building exercises and brief periods of rest to challenge your glutes and hamstrings in mere minutes.

Glute-Strengthening Dance Workout

Shake your hips while strengthening your glutes with this dance-based workout. Wear a resistance band (or not) while you groove through different exercises (disguised as fun dance moves) to take your sweat sesh to a whole other level.

Kettlebell Circuits

All you need is one kettlebell to slay this short butt workout. From kettlebell swings to weighted deadlifts, you’ll cycle through three rounds of booty exercises to complete this simple but challenging sequence.

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