5 beauty tips you can borrow from the debutantes of Bridgerton

This Julia Quinn novel is my favorite of her books and introduces Viscountess Violet Bridgerton and her eight children.

Romance, drama, comedy, and scandal….this show has it all.

I enjoyed the show more than the book, which is a first for me.

I love the added characters and diversity.

However, if you thought that eighteenth-century finery was restricted to sideburns and spiral updos, allow the dames and damsels of Bridgerton to convince you otherwise.

From high-impact embellished hairdos to rosy, glowing skin that slots in neatly with the recent buzz around cottagecore, here are the hair and makeup looks that you’ll want to take with you into the new year.

1. Baby bangs and ballgowns are a match made in heaven

Though often considered the remit of edgy street style savants, baby bangs now come approved by the Incomparable of the season, Daphne Bridgerton.

Down the pages of history, cropped micro bangs have been known to elicit polarising reactions, but in the young debutante’s hands, they find form as face-framing wisps that can be worked into a wide array of hairdos for her commitments on the social calendar.


2. Tonged hair can take you everywhere

If modern-day curling tongs were to find their way within the wisteria-topped walls of the Bridgerton home, there’s little the women wouldn’t have conquered—including the attentions of a roguish duke, or two.

As things stand, the women of the ton managed just fine with a wide array of homegrown techniques from the time that ranged from heated irons to paper curls.

Expect heavily tonged updos for social balls, and side-swept structured spirals when expecting gentlemen came calling home the morning after.

3. Brows are better when brushed up

If you’ve gone a while between salon appointments but aren’t ready to go Delevingne on your brow kit quite just yet, the young Bridgerton recommends opting for a handy middle ground with the textured set of brows she sported through the social season.

Full, fluffy and filled in, the debutante-turned-duchess wore hers brushed upwards and fanned out to add dimension to her diminutive facial structure.

4. Look to DIY recipes for your next weekend hobby

Long before super-powered, all-in-one makeup palettes could find their way to vanity tables and dressers, women looked to au naturel ways to enhance their appearance.

The Bridgerton maids were always glad to pass around their family recipes for rouge, but if you don’t have one on speed dial, you can look to other homemade recipes to cop the rosy glow that the women of the era championed—from creamy blushers made from saffron and beeswax to lip salves concocted from honey and rose oil.


5. It’s never too early in the day for hair embellishments

When hoping to catch the eye of potential suitors on the promenade, lustrous embellishments are always a welcome companion.

While the Cressida Cowpers of the ton festooned their updos with elaborately embroidered hair meshes for royal galas, high-shine accessories weren’t an uncommon sight for leisurely strolls in the park either.

Just ask Daphne, who often chose to slide an extra barrette in when spending the evening on the duke’s arm.

Younger sister Eloise may have rebelled against pin-ups by wearing hers left loose around the shoulders, but she usually anchored her mane in place with her signature three-tiered hairbands.

Elsewhere, the Featherington women’s penchant for maximalism often had them inviting foliage-inspired motifs in their heavily-tonged hairdos.

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