Do’s and don’ts to lose belly fat revealed

When it comes to belly fat, the first things you need to think about is making a detailed and tailored plan that you know you can stick to.

Forget anything you have ever heard about restricting certain foods and start to think about having a healthy lifestyle long term.

 Consistency is KEY and if it’s too restrictive, it won’t last.

However, there are a few rules you can try: namely eating more vegetables, balancing every meal with high fibre carbs and reducing any ultra-processed foods.

Stick to wholefoods or minimally processed snacks where possible, and try a “dry month” as alcohol and belly fat loss don’t go well together.

You could also cancel ‘cheat weekends’ as a concept, and instead incorporate a daily treat or treat every couple of days to ‘keep you motivated and on track’.

Most people do well Monday to Friday, then blow out all weekend, regain the weight and have to start again every Monday.

Stop doing this and plan ahead for your weekends to stay on track.

There is no hard and fast approach but there are a few rules you can try: namely eating more vegetables, balancing every meal with high fibre carbs and reducing ultra-processed foods.


What is the perfect day on a plate for belly fat loss?

BREAKFAST: Two free-range eggs, one piece of grain sourdough with a spread of avocado, two cups of cooked colourful veggies (mushrooms, tomato, silverbeet, broccoli, asparagus, capsicum) and one tbsp salsa & black pepper/chilli/garlic flakes for flavour.

SNACK: One x medium cafe coffee and one piece of fruit.

LUNCH: Tuna salad: one x 95g tin tuna in oil and 150g roasted sweet potato with the skin on, roasted pumpkin, capsicum, mushrooms and zucchini. Add baby spinach, tuna, roasted veggies into a bowl and toss with balsamic vinegar and some feta.

AFTERNOON SNACK: One x 10g square of dark chocolate + 25g roasted nuts.

DINNER: 120-150g chicken/pork/tofu stir fry with 1/2 cup cooked brown rice and lots of vegetables (use soy sauce, chilli, garlic and oyster sauce to make a stir fry sauce).

DRINKS: Two litres of water per day (more if you are in a bigger body/ feel thirsty/train hard/ are in the heat or are a heavy sweater), 2-3 cups of unsweetened coffee/tea/herbal tea each day with a dash of milk if needed. Minimise ALL other drinks so water is your top fluid choice (add a slice of lime, mint or cucumber if needed to help you drink more water).


What is the ideal day on a plate for belly fat loss?

When it comes to what you should and shouldn’t be eating, it’s all about protein at every meal, high fibre carbs at every meal and lots of salad and vegetables, as well as a small serving of healthy fats.

Ideally, every plate should be filled with 1/2 plate of non-starchy vegetables of salads, 1/4 plate of lean protein and 1/4 plate of high fibre carbs.

Then, add a thumb-sized amount of healthy fats so you don’t go hungry.

The perfect day on a plate comprises eggs, tuna salads, chicken with brown rice and vegetables and even some dark chocolate.

This calorie torching meal plan is for an active female, as it allows your body to be nourished and fuelled appropriately whilst still burning unwanted fat.

Sustainable fat loss is about fuelling your body properly to burn fat, not starving or restricting it!


What is the perfect training regime?

Two of weight sessions are focused on the upper body and two are on the lower body.

And also make sure you get 5,000 steps on exercise days and 10,000 steps on rest days. Walking works wonders for belly fat loss!

The ‘dream combination’ for losing weight is combining strength with cardio and steps: both are ‘important for metabolism and fat loss.

You should stop weighing yourself every day, and instead weigh yourself, take a baseline and then put the scales away for four weeks.

What are the top belly fat loss hacks?

* Ditch the energy-dense holiday food like slices and cakes and go for fibre like veggie sticks, boiled eggs, nuts, hummus, roasted chickpeas and fresh fruit.

* Stop weighing yourself every day. Weigh yourself, put the scales away for four weeks and use that as a benchmark.

* Allow yourself to continue eating out once or twice a week, but just go for healthy options. When ordering out, make sure your meal contains ½ plate of veggies or salad and order extra if you need to.

* Use water as your number one fluid and cut out alcohol where you can.

Alcohol provides substantial calories which people often forget about. A few glasses of alcohol can be more calories than a meal.

What are the belly fat loss hacks that work?

There are a few fat loss hacks that will help you in your quest to your dream body, namely that you should switch your snacks.

Instead of regularly snacking on energy-dense holiday food such as slices, cakes, bliss balls, deep-fried products or crisps, aim to fill your tummy with foods that provide your body with heaps of nutrients and fibre like veggie sticks, boiled eggs, nuts, hummus, roasted chickpeas and fresh fruit.


Focus on being as consistent as you can in those four weeks (no need to be perfect) – consistent with fat loss is key, not perfection.

Finally, allow yourself to continue eating out once or twice a week; as long as your make healthy choices that contain lots of veggies, you should be okay.

Just make sure that water is your number one fluid source and cut out drinking alcohol where possible:

Alcohol provides substantial calories which people often forget about.

A few glasses of alcohol can be more calories than a meal.

What are the main mistakes people make?

* Stop doing restrictive diets and starting living a healthy lifestyle long term.

* Dramatically reducing calories leaves people cranky, hungry and tired. For sustainable fat loss, a very small drop in calories is all that’s needed every few weeks.

* Less than four per cent of people consume the minimum recommended amount of vegetables: focus your attention here.

* You don’t have to give up your favourite foods altogether, you just need to balance your portions properly to allow your body to constantly feel full and satisfied. This is the key to long term successful weight loss.

* Just because you eat very well Monday to Friday and then ‘treat yourself’ on the weekend does not mean you’re immune to weight gain.

So many people are busy at work during the week that they have reduced temptations for alcohol, sugary drinks and processed foods during the week.

Come the weekend, we just want to relax so we may sleep in (and skip the gym), eat out more regularly as we don’t want to cook, indulge in alcohol more regularly due to social occasions or indulge in more processed foods as we’re at home more.

Try to avoid this as much as possible.

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What are the final tips to ensure your new body lasts?

To make sure your new body lasts, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Focusing on your sleep is key.

Getting less than seven hours sleep consistently each night has been linked to weight gain.

Chronic lack of sleep is like credit card debit.

It just keeps building up and up and even though you might catch up a little, in the long run you are always behind.

Alongside making sleep a priority, you should also make your exercise fun.

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