A Total Beginner’s Guide To Meditation For Stress Relieve


The benefits of meditation has been known for thousands of years and are now validated by modern science.

Many understand the value of meditation intellectually, but one can only reap the benefits through practice.

Take a break and meditate.

Here’s how meditation can help

Find yourself anxious and restless most of the time?

While stress is inevitable in our daily lives, what we can do to beat it and keep calm is a few minutes of meditation.

Meditation or mindfulness sessions are crucial for us to include in our daily schedule as it can help bring in positivity.

It help you clear your mind and find calmness even when you have a handful of work to do and deadlines to meet.

Like they say, a healthy mind is a healthy body, you need to include physical activities as well as mindfulness sessions for healthy living.

On the benefits of meditation, Studies has proven meditation can help reduce the secretion of cytokines, a chemical which is released in response to stress, hence reducing mood swings and anxiety, and in the long run fighting depression too.

Meditation can help reduce self doubts, social anxiety and also increase self confidence.

Overall, it’s a good addition to your daily routine as it can help in many aspects of one’s life.

How Do Breathing Exercises Help In Staying Calm?

Deep breathing sends the nervous system a message to relax and calm the mind and body.

If you notice when you are angry or emotional, you breathe faster and heavier.

Deep breathing, specially diaphragmatic breathing, effectively sends more vital energy/oxygen to the body, which helps the body to work efficiently and reduce the heart rate.

Many mental healthcare providers across the world too suggest deep breathing exercises and yogic meditation for people with severe mental health issues, mainly because along with all its other benefits.

Meditation also helps you increase focus, increase your presence of mind and improve one’s emotional intelligence.

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