How to protect your face from harsh summer days


With summer quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time of year to soak in Vitamin D and cool off.

Now is an opportune time to invest in keeping your skin beautiful and healthy.

Here are some beauty tips to consider to better protect your beautiful skin from sun damage during the summer.

1. Stay hydrated throughout the day.

Experts suggest drinking two liters of water daily. Cool down and mix up your water, adding natural fruit, such as fresh citrus or watermelon slices.

2. Wear sunscreen with SPF, whether it’s lotion or spray-on.

Protect your skin from excessive sun exposure and apply SPF moisturizer with sunscreen before you head outside. Even if you’re in the shade, you can still get burned.

Skin is delicate and can be damaged by UV rays and sun exposure.

The next time you take a trip or enjoy summer activities outside, pack a hat, shades and sun-protective clothing, to prevent getting sunburned.

If you do get too much-unwanted sun, apply aloe vera or a moisturizer to your skin to heal any burns.

3. Refuel your body with proper sleep.

Even if you’re constantly on the go, invest in your beauty sleep. Skin is less likely to wrinkle when you have a good night’s rest.

4. Try a protective skincare creams.

Try to choose ones that provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection to the skin, from the most harmful sun rays.

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