How teenagers rock their skincare routine the correct way

 Teenage years are a time for bodily changes, acne breakouts and experimenting with skincare.

The earlier teens develop smart skin habits the less they will have to encounter skin problems in adulthood.

So here’s a quick skincare routine and makeup tips for teenagers:

Cleanse your face the first thing in the morning with a suitable cleanser. Never use scrubs on your face.

Instead, exfoliate gently twice a week. Don’t share your towels, hairbrushes and other personal items with your friends.

It’s very tempting, in fact irresistible, to pop a pimple but you must avoid it at any cost. Popping a pimple can leave a permanent scar behind.

Drink lots of water especially if you have a gym class in the school or you love outdoor activities. Hydration is the cheapest makeup tool.

Avoid touching your face. Pamper your lips. Don’t lick or bite your lips. Instead apply a gentle lip balm at regular intervals.

Don’t sleep before washing your face and putting a light moisturiser over it. Make sure to choose according to your skin.

If you are going to the beach or playing an outdoor game, use a waterproof sunscreen.

Don’t miss out on sleep, it gives a chance for your skin to rest and regenerate.

Take care of your hair. Don’t use many styling products, gels, and sprays. Instead, stick to a suitable gentle shampoo and conditioner. Never take too-hot showers.

For young teens who are beginning to experiment with makeup, it is quite natural to want the ”grown up” look but the younger you are the less you should cake up.

The makeup mantra is ”less is good”.

Here are some quick makeup tips:


Opt for a light BB cream with SPF instead of a foundation or a concealer.

Choose a shade closest to the skin tone. In order to check the tone try applying it along your jawline to check how the shade looks.

You can also opt for tinted moisturiser for the evening parties. Don’t forget to cover your neck and chest area for an even tone.

Play around with soft and light colours of eyeshadows that suit your skin.

For long and glossy looking eyelashes, use a q-tip to apply castor oil on the lashes. This will not only keep them healthy but give a dramatic look to the eyes.

Choose a moisturizing lip balm to add a tint of colour to the lips.

Never ever share your makeup brushes, lip balms with anybody. Choose natural makeup products. Read the labels carefully before buying.

Look for oil free makeup, which is free of harsh chemicals such as DEA, phthalate, paraben propylene glycol and sulfates.

Make sure to consult an adult if you notice any irritation or redness anywhere.

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