Experts Warning: Not All Human Foods Are Safe For Dogs – Best Dog Treats

As we have a family meal, sharing food with our dogs comes with some cautions attached.



Dogs are likely to want to sample the spread but animal experts remind pet owners around the holiday season that some foods are safe for their dogs, but some aren’t.

Many seasonings, spices and other ingredients we add to dishes to add flavor aren’t good for dogs. Onions are bad for dogs and so is garlic, salt and pepper, nutmeg and raisins. Keep pets away from those holiday additives.

If you plan to share holiday fare, make sure it’s plain and unseasoned. It may sound boring to you but it will be just as tasty for your pooch.

Yes, dogs can eat turkey. They can have chicken, too. Just make it white meat, free of any salt or other seasonings. Don’t give them the skin or bones though and no ham – it’s way too salty.

If you think green beans will make a good dog treat, you’re right. Raw, steamed or canned and free of any oil, spices or seasonings, like salt.

Not only can dogs eat carrots but most also love the crunch and the flavor.

White potatoes? Yes, dogs can eat mashed potatoes but it should be plain – boiled or baked and then just the white flesh mashed – no seasonings.

Sweet potatoes are great for pets but the same advice stands. Keep them plain. Make sure he doesn’t get his paws on the yams covered in marshmallows and sugar.

Pumpkin is a tasty, healthy treat for dogs and many love the flavor. When feeding your dog canned pumpkin, read the label carefully. You want to avoid giving him canned pumpkin pie mix, which contains sugar and spices he can’t have.

Treats of any kind should only make up 10 percent of their daily caloric intake. The other 90 percent should come from a complete and balanced pet food. And a bunch of new food can upset tummies causing gas or worse – all of which is not exactly the festive air you want around your holiday table. Maybe stick to his normal routine for the happiest holiday.

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