13 Little known ways to increase creativity and imagination

Here’s 13 ways you can increase creativity in the brain and boost your creativity.

It seems we’ve forgotten how to play like we did when we were children experiencing things for the first time – and we’ve lost our creativity over time as a result.

Playfulness is where our most original thinking occurs. The best ideas and breakthrough thinking can come through messing around and just trying new things.

The right side of our brain is said to be responsible for the more creative, artistic, intuitive and imaginative side of ourselves.

The more often you exercise your creative side, the stronger it will become.

Here’s  some questions designed to re-ignite your creativity:

  1. Write an advert to encourage people to apply for the position of being you.
  2. Draw your name as a logo.
  3. What is the closest thing to star dust? Why?
  4. Invent a new song based on the first piece of furniture that pops into your mind.
  5. List all the things that you hate and describe ways to make each of them even worse.
  6. Push your brain to think and delve deeper into creative thoughts!
  7. If a water had feelings, what do you think they would be?
  8. Write a convincing argument about why water can’t be red in fewer than 50 words.
  9. Describe your dog’s left eye.
  10. Describe a race between the members of a colony of bees.
  11. You know that moment when someone says ‘hello’ and you respond ‘good, thanks’? Give that moment an actual name and describe how it feels.
  12. If you weren’t allowed to mention your work, what would you say if someone asked you ‘what do you do?’
  13. If aliens were to drop lines from the sky to catch humans like we catch fish, what would be the best bait?