Skin Care Tips: what to do before and after Exercise

Your skin needs to remain healthy and glowing post a workout, but if you don’t take care of it, your workout may take a toll on it and give you a dull skin and possibly skin problems.

Workouts are great and they leave us feeling fitter and fresher.

They give us the extra energy and releases happy hormones that put us in an amazing mood. We all somehow find a way to include some or other form of workout in our routine.

We work hard to stay fit but in the midst of all this, it is essential to care for our skin.


Our skin shouldn’t have to pay the price for a toned body.

A healthy skin is as important as a healthy body and it is essential that we keep it in mind while we sweat it out to lose the flab.

All the sweat and dirt can take a toll on our skin and clog our pores leading to numerous skin problems that can wreak havoc in our lives.

This is why we all need a special skincare routine to go with our workouts and protect our skin pre and post the workout.

Here are some pre and post workout skincare tips to keep your skin flawless.

1. Cleanse your face before you start your workout. Use a mild cleanser to wash your face and clear the dirt and impurities to prevent it from clogging your pores. Don’t forget to wipe off your makeup before you cleanse your face.

2. Keep your hair away from your face. Your hair has a lot of dirt and impurities and probably some products that can clog your pores. Keep your hair away from your face and if you have bangs or fringes, pin them up or use a hairband.

3. Avoid touching your face. While you sweat it out in the gym, your hands come in contact with multiple germs and bacteria and mixed with the dirt and impurities it has it can be toxic for your skin. When you touch your face you transfer these things to your face and make it tough for your skin.

4. Wash your face post the workout. Irrespective of your pre-workout skincare routine, your face still has a lot of impurities and sweat. The best way to go is to cleanse your face with a good face wash immediately post your workout session.

5. Get out of your gym clothes and take a bath. Don’t forget to wash your hair thoroughly. Your hair and scalp has a lot of sweat just like your body and mixed with the dirt and impurities it can impact your skin. Clean up well after a sweaty workout.

6. Don’t forget to use a mild toner to soothe your skin and then moisturise it. Your skin needs some pampering after dealing with all the sweat and stress.

7. Don’t forget to hydrate. You have been sweating it out and your body and your skin need some hydration, so consume some hydrating drinks to refresh your body and skin.