Doing Exercises At This Time Can Speed Up Fat Burning In Overweight Guys

Weight loss guides: Overweight males can shed a lot more fat if they exercise before getting morning meal:

If you have ever thought about when is the perfect time for exercising for weight-loss, you then have landed at the perfect place. A whole new study discovered that heavy men burns up far more fat once they worked out before having morning meal as compared to doing exercises after having morning meal.

Training before morning meal was also found to be related to improved blood insulin receptivity, blood glucose levels regulation and lowered likelihood of coronary heart illness and diabetic issues.

Released in Journal of Clinical Metabolic process Endocrinology, the research discovered that for obese gentlemen, exercising before breakfast time can double what you can do to lose fat.


Weight loss tips: Exercise before breakfast for more fat loss, here’s why

As part of the study, researchers from the University of Bath and the University of Birmingham divided men into three groups- those who exercised before breakfast, those who exercised after breakfast and those who made no changes in their daily routine.

Conducted over a period of 6 weeks, the study found that men who exercised before breakfast burned twice the amount of fat as compared to men who exercised after breakfast. Men who burned more fat were also found to have stored fewer carbs to burn for energy. This made their bodies resort to fat instead of carbs as fuel for energy during exercise. However, there was no link found between timing of exercise and amount of weight loss.

Other benefits of exercising before breakfast

As mentioned earlier, researchers also found that exercising before breakfast had a better response to insulin and blood sugar regulation. Thus, exercising at this time of the day could be beneficial for your heart health and diabetes control.

It has to be noted that scope of the study remains to be limited as it is not clear whether the same results would imply to any group other than overweight men. More research is definitely needed to testify the benefits of exercising before having breakfast.

Exercising is important, whether you do it before or after breakfast

We are simply trying to infer here that you must exercise, no matter what time of the day you choose to exercise. Everybody has different schedules and eating patterns, and on the basis of that, you should devote at least 150 minutes in a week (for moderate intensity exercise) or 90 minutes in a week (for high intensity exercise). Following are other tips you should follow:

1. Try to workout for minimum 4 days a week and aim towards exercising for 5 days in a week since the very beginning.

2. Do not do copycat workouts and train under a qualified fitness expert. Every individual responds differently to different exercise regimes and you will not get the same results as someone else is getting doing the same workout. Train under a qualified fitness expert.

3. Make sure you include strength training in your fitness routine. While cardio exercises will help you lose weight, strength training exercises will help in improving insulin sensitivity, building muscles and improving your strength and stamina.

4. Get proper nutrition, sleep well and take less stress. How you respond to exercise is hugely dependent on these three very important factors.

5. Take sufficient rest. After having accomplished the goal of exercising for 5 days in a week, make sure you have two good rest days. Rest and recovery are as important as regular exercise. It helps your body heal and reduces risk of cramps and injuries.

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