What snacks are OK for weight loss? 3 fun healthy snacks ideas

The stage is ready for your favourite show to begin, all that’s missing are some fun healthy snacks.

It’s essential to have guilt-free but tasty food on hand while binge watching.

Hence, it is recommended to stock up on a few healthy and guilt-free snacks beforehand to avoid eating junk.

 Healthy Supplies Shop  shares list of some fun snacks to keep handy for when you can’t take your gaze away from the screen.


Popcorn has long been one of the most popular snacks.

Surprisingly enough, they are high in fibre content and low in calories.

To make them more appealing, they now come in a vast variety of exciting flavours like Hawaiian BBQ, Sriracha Lime Cheese, and Spicy Chicken Cheese, which make consuming them more fun.


Fox nuts

Looking to binge on some healthy options?

Fox nuts or makhanas are your saviours as you can now find them in unique and mouth watering flavours.

These delicious yet high in protein snack contains long-term health benefits, such as aiding in anti-ageing and curbing inflammation.

Fox nuts are also a great snacking option for people avoiding gluten.

A stomach-filling, easy store and nutritious item for people looking for healthy eating options while watching IPL.

Corn nuts

The perfect combination of corn nuts and beverages can never go wrong.

When your favourite cricketer hits a sixer, you definitely don’t want to be busy contemplating what you should eat.

It is quick, easy to gnaw on and keeps you sharp but doesn’t tip the scales towards unnecessary calories.


Chocolate-coated almonds

Almonds are known to be high in Vitamin E, and useful for preventing heart diseases, maintaining blood pressure and increasing focus and productivity.

Now imagine, roasted almonds coated with the perfect amalgamation of dark, milk and white chocolate.

All these benefits combined with dark chocolate not only make them scrumptious but also come with a host of benefits.

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