What is the safest cookware for your health? 3 top picks…

While food refills our energy reserves, the cookware in which it is prepared and presented is also critical.

The material of your cookware affects how fast your food cooks, how it tastes and how healthy it is once it is on your plate.

However, two types of cookware to avoid cooking in are aluminum and copper.

Here’s a list of the cookware that are beneficial to cook in:

1. Clay pots

For centuries, clay pots are known to be used, not only as a cookware but also as a way to enhance the flavour of the food.

They are safe and toxin-free, and bring an earthiness to your food that is incomparable.

Foods cooked in clay pots are:

– High in magnesium, iron and calcium.
– You need to use a minimum amount of oil when cooking in an clay pot. This is good for your health.
– They are environment friendly.
– Maintain the nutritional value of the food.

Clay pots allow for circulation of heat through the food and this helps retain nutrition.
– Adds nutrition to your meal as clay pots contain iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Ideal for cooking curries and stews.

Biryani tastes amazing in clay pots.


2. Stone mortars

They are used to crush raw ingredients and usually make pastes.

This amazing cookware adds so much more flavour to your food than a blender.

We recommend granite and pestle mortars, as they give a rich earthy flavour, making the food taste like it was just picked from the garden and cooked.

Similar to clay pots, the mortar and pestle preserve the prana in the food and keep it nutrient rich.

Some things you can make are tomato chutney, crushed garlic and onion paste, etc.

3. Stainless steel

Steel is a very common and low risk metal.

Make sure to select good quality steel for your home as it can be mixed and coated with other materials.

Steel allows you to really taste the ingredients in your food, as it is pretty neutral and hygienic during a cooking.
– It is highly durable and lasts a long time.
– It is non-reactive to many foods and offers a clean taste.
– It is easy to clean and store.
– It does not have any health risks as long as you maintain it hygienically and use good quality steel.

4. Iron

Iron is ideal for cooking various types of dishes.

Some benefits are:
– Iron provides an even cooking temperature due to its heaviness; because of its weight and composition, iron can hold heat for longer than other cookware.
– Iron improves with age. The cooking surface becomes smoother.
– Iron cookware infuse your food with iron. Our body needs iron and this is an easy and extremely effective way to get it.
– The oil picks up more flavour and seasoning in iron pans as it can seep to the surface and continually improve the seasoning.

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