How can I remove stretch marks permanently at home?

Body positivity and self-love have finally become popular topics these days.

But some still feel insecure about their appearance, especially when it comes to stretch marks.

Some are conscious about their stretch marks, while others spend years feeling bad about it.

But, it is very important to accept your body as it is and work on being a healthier version of yourself.

There’s a lot we do to reduce or, sometimes, put on weight.

However, the fluctuations in one’s weight and body shape can cause stretch marks that last a lifetime.

Stubborn stretch marks for some may be a sign of their growth but a lot of people find it difficult to deal with the marks on their skin.

If you are one of them and stretch marks on your arms are stopping you from wearing sleeveless clothes, we are here with a few DIY secrets.

Stretch marks are caused when the collagen in the skin becomes weak, leaving fine lines on your skin.

While there are several laser treatments to reduce the appearance of these marks and even get rid of them completely, you can also give home remedies a shot.

The process may be longer but these easily-available ingredients will help you deal with stretch marks without any pain.

Take a look at some DIY solutions below:

Aloe Vera

This plant is known for its goodness.

From making hair silky and shiny to soothing irritated skin, aloe vera has a list of benefits.

But not many know that it can also be used to reduce stretch marks.

All you need to do is make a DIY paste with aloe vera gel and vitamin E capsule.

Stretch marks on your arms stopping you from wearing sleeveless clothes_ Here are a few DIY tips to

Shea butter

Reportedly, shea butter can reduce the redness of stretch marks and act as a strengthening agent on damaged skin.

Its not only moisturises the skin but also provides UV protection.

You just need to apply good quality shea butter directly to the affected areas for a few days to see the difference.

Coconut oil

Many pregnant women use coconut oil during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks.

But it also has properties that can work after you have developed marks on your skin. Known for its healing properties, coconut oil hydrates the skin.

It is one of the most effective ways to get rid of stretch marks.

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