What is the truth about losing weight?


Trying to losing weight is quite a journey.

From planning to executing, a lot goes into coming up with a weight loss plan that works.

Despite the elaborate procedure, one cannot ensure the effectiveness of the plan because the body’s weight can be influenced by a variety of factors.

For example, factors such as persistent stress, sedentary lifestyle, etc. can slow down your weight loss progress.

Various myths associated with weight loss also end up hampering the process and causing futile results.

Weight loss myths and facts

Here are some common myths around weight loss that you must know about:

Myth 1: Cutting back on food works.

Fact: Eating less will help lose more is one of the most common weight loss myths that people believe in.


Contrary to the popular belief, starving yourself is never the right way to lose weight and must be avoided.

A healthy weight loss plan must include consuming a diet rich in protein, healthy fats, fibre, and other essential nutrients required to regulate healthy bodily functions.

Myth 2: Solely depending on weight-loss diets is a foolproof plan.

Fact: Yes, weight loss diets can have a significant impact on your weight management goals however, solely relying on the diets might mess with your fitness goals and you may be left with nothing substantial to show for at the end of your plan.

Always remember that along with a diet, a regulated lifestyle and a consistent exercise routine is the only way to lose weight in a healthy and effective way.

Myth 3: No matter what you eat, calories are equal.

Fact: Contrary to what anyone says about all calories being equal, never believe this myth for the same of your weight loss plans.


This is a dangerous myth that causes people to consume unhealthy meals under the illusion that they’re eating the right and a healthy amount of calories.

You can read more about how different foods with the same calories are not equal here.

Myth 4: Load up on smoothies, supplements, “fat-free” food, etc. to lose weight.

Fact: People trying to lose weight often tend to rely heavily on smoothies, breakfast cereals, supplements, “fat-free” foods, etc.

While some varieties of the above-mentioned foods might be healthy, most of them are harmful and loaded with salt, sugar, and weight gain inducing substances.

Furthermore, it must be remembered that most of the foods marketed as “fat-free” are loaded with unhealthy elements and must be avoided.

Myth 5: Weight loss is a linear process.

Fact: You cannot lose weight overnight. In fact, it might even take you more than your pre-defined days to reach your weight goals because believing that weight loss is a linear and easy process is a myth.


People trying to lose weight may have to go through days and months of rigorous efforts and may experience several setbacks in between by gaining weight.

Don’t feel disheartened and stick with your plans to achieve your ideal and healthy weight.

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