Can I lose weight walking 30 minutes?

Can’t commit to an hour-long workout?

No problem! Your body can accomplish a lot in just 30 minutes of walking.

If you’re short on time and can’t get to the gym, there’s still plenty of workout content online, with many personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts offering routines and circuits of various lengths to help you stay in shape at home.

So why exercise is so important?

Muscles, especially the large muscles, take up a lot of glucose but when we sit all day, that glucose stagnates in the blood.

The damage to blood vessels doesn’t happen overnight – it takes years – but if a test shows that blood glucose levels are too high, it’s important to take action to lower them as soon as possible.

Walking after a big meal is kind to the gut too.

It stimulates gut movement so that both food and gas get through the gut more quickly.

This means that more gas is passed and bloating is reduced.

Walking also tends to improve or prevent reflux symptoms.

Better still, if walking is a regular habit it helps with weight management – and that’s good for the gut too.

Obesity leads to extra fat within the abdomen and this also causes a feeling of bloating, more reflux and discomfort.

At this time of the year, there’s always a lot of focus on eating too much on Christmas Day and being inactive, but it’s the rest of the year we should worry about.

In fact, a Christmas Day ritual of a big, late lunch, followed by a walk or some other physical activity, and just a small snack in the evening may be better for our blood glucose levels than the usual daily routine of big dinners followed by a slump on the sofa.

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