Is cat hard to train? Top tips for training your feline


Cats are great companions, but if they’re not trained properly they can quickly start to take over.

Cheeky kitties can easily get out of hand and make things pretty difficult for their owners, but help is here.

If you want to stop your cat from biting or misbehaving – these are the tips you need.

The following top tips for mischievous kittens.

Stare at them!

The first piece of advice is to discipline your cat with a harsh stare.

This is a huge tip for almost all dominance struggles.

If your cat is doing something that doesn’t need to physically be stopped (like knocking over glasses needs to be stopped), one of the best responses is to stare at them.

Widen your eyes. Tense your muscles. Don’t blink.

They’ll get the message. It’s not a reprimand as much as a dismissal.

Don’t hit your cat

One of the key pieces of advice that you should never hit your cat.

A gentle swat (it’s more like a tap–do NOT hit their nose) is enough.

Squeezing is good, as well. Sometimes I will grab their tail and squeeze it gently as a reprimand.

You can make yourself clear to your cat without resorting to hitting.

If your cat is doing something bad, physical responses are good as well as the glare.

When my cats bat at something with their paws, or when they USED TO try and scratch me, I grab their paws and squeeze gently, while glaring at them and saying NO in an angry voice, or growling at them.

If they’re doing something REALLY bad, I grab them with one hand and, with the other hand, I use ONE FINGER to swat their nose.

If you watch mother cats with their kittens, a bop on the nose is what they get for bad behaviour.

It’s extremely unpleasant without being physically damaging and is impossible to ignore.

Speak to them in a ‘different language’

If you find that your cat tries to “respond” to you and doesn’t know when you’re addressing them or on the phone, there’s an easy fix.

Imagine you’re in a foreign country, and the person you’re staying with doesn’t speak English.

Chances are, you will sometimes be unaware if they’re talking to you or not.

Now, say that even though you still can’t understand them, they speak very slowly and over-enunciate when they talk to you.

You immediately recognise that when speaking fast, they’re not talking to you.

This is why I’m a huge fan of baby talk.

My cats know exactly when I’m talking to them, because I use a voice for just them.

I can be talking to my cat, and he’ll meow and meow and run around and quiver his tale, then I answer the phone and he quiets down.

Because I never talk to him in my real voice, so he understands that isn’t his ‘language’.

Use an orange to keep them away

In one of his more unique tips, that cats don’t like citrus smells.

So if there’s something you don’t want your cat to sit/lie on, you could spray it with an orange scent.

You can try a strongly-scented orange cleaner/fabric spray.

Orange or citrus. Cats don’t like it.

If your cat bites – immobilise them

If you struggle to stop your kitty from using its nashers, you may want to try out his final tip.

You can physically restrain your cat to tell it to stop.

If he has done something bad and injured someone, the first thing you should do is immobilize him.

Crossing your legs and tucking him into them is a good start, then firmly grab his legs and paws.

Use your arms to further hold him in place, but make sure you can see his face.

Glare at him, not breaking eye contact.

Keep your muscles tense, and either growl or say ‘NO’ depending on if people are over.

It’s important to do this IMMEDIATELY after he bites.

Do this, then release him completely.

It needs to be a fast, immediate response. If he bites and runs away, don’t bother.


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