Ultimate Diet Hack To Lose Weight Your Nutritionist Doesn’t Want You to Know


Weight loss is something many people want to achieve, but without the right tips and recommendations, only a few succeed at it.

So in this article we going to  reveal ultimate diet hack to lose weight.

You see, many people are not aware that eating high protein food for breakfast helps losing weight.

One of the main reasons for opting for a low carb, high protein breakfast is that you won’t then get famished in the middle of the morning and feel tempted to tuck into a pastry.

However, we recommend one specific food to include in your morning meal: fish.

Lots of studies have shown that if you eat a protein-rich breakfast, something with egg or fish, then this will keep you fuller for longer.


Not only will these foods keep you feeling full, but they also offer important nutrients and health benefits, and taste delicious.

We previously recommended eggs as a perfect breakfast option for those looking to lose weight.

However, many royal diets include fish for breakfast.

Queen Letizia of Spain, for example, eats salmon every morning to stay in shape.

There are many options to add to your breakfast, such as smoked salmon, smoked haddock or tuna.

We recommend the Fast 800 diet as a meal plan to slim as well as to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

The Fast 800 is a diet that follows the principles of the Mediterranean diet.

A relatively high fat, low-ish carb, high fibre way of eating, with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, oily fish and olive oil and has a low glycaemic index, meaning it keeps blood sugar levels stable.

If you don’t have an exercise bike you can try pedalling on your road bike furiously up a hill, running up the stairs, or doing short sprints when out on a run.

Or just pick up your walking pace until you are breathing hard.

The main thing is that these bursts should be brief (30 seconds maximum when it comes to the stairs, or running).

But hard enough to get your heart rate up.

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