Best fitness routine when it gets cooler outside

As the weather gets cooler, getting outside and moving more can have a big impact on your physical and mental health.

To help keep your fitness routine feeling fresh, you can try a new at home workout.

Are you ready for a workout that really targets the deepest muscles of your glutes and abdominals?

This stability and sculpting workout will do the trick.

In this 10-minute workout, we’re going to use a trampoline to create an unstable surface and really challenge those stabilizer muscles.

Even if you don’t have a trampoline, you can still try this workout at home—just use any elevated surface, like a bench or step.

You can also do it without any equipment at all, it’ll just work your muscles slightly differently.

Another thing I love about this routine is it strengthens your muscles in a low-impact way, which means you can do it every single day if you’d like.

I also recommend pairing it with cardio—it’s a nice balance to activate your muscles right after getting that heart rate up.

Going for a family walk, heading to a park or even to some hiking trails and just exploring.

There’s tons of trails, park benches.

Our children are from the era of computers and video games and we’re seeing children that are not as active as they should be, they’re not at the weight goals that they should be.

Being a role model for our kids is important and so is taking these extra minutes each day to take care of ourselves.

The hardest part for most adults is that as we are aging, things are getting more difficult and we want to be active with our kids.

It’s not about a long, rigorous workout each day.

It’s about moving more together.

You really look at 20 minutes a day, then it’s doable.

Then you just add on once you get stronger.

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