How can I get enough protein without eating meat?

Protein is essential for overall health, no matter a person’s age.

It is one of the building blocks for cells.

And it is a myth that only body builders or those who regularly go to the gym need protein.

From the hair to the nails to a lot of hormones in your body are all dependent on protein.

Worried about daily protein requirements, a lot of us look up to protein supplements and bars available easily these days.

We often think natural sources won’t be able to suffice our daily protein requirements, especially for those who are vegetarian.

Despite the thought that there are few options for vegetarian protein, there is one common food that we love and enjoy, which is not only rich in protein, but is also a good source of potassium, magnesium and iron – chickpeas.


So if you are all over your chhole, Singh brings you five simple ways to use this pulse.

Indulge In A Hummus Spread

This Middle Eastern spread sure has our heart.

Hummus is a great way to use chickpeas for its protein content.

While you choose mayonnaise as a spread, we’d like to bring this vegan spread to your notice, health benefits of which include:

• Fighting inflammation
• Improving blood sugar levels
• Lowering risk of heart disease
• Weight loss

Make A Chaat


You hear the word chaat, and you smile. Is it now?

Did you know that by adding boiled chickpeas to your chaat, you can give it a healthy touch?

Apart from upping the protein level, they are low on calories, helping you shed weight.

This chaat can be your post-workout buddy to help repair wear and tear caused during the workout, in addition to building muscle.

Whip Up A Salad

If you are not up for going through elaborate recipes to create healthy and delicious salads, this protein can come to your rescue. Add boiled chickpeas to your salad for a twist.

They will make it more filling and protein dense.

It will also work with a simple dressing of salt, pepper and lemon juice minus the oil, and will make you feel fuller for a longer time.

Add Chana Powder To Drinks


The country and its people have been using chana powder (sattu) for a variety of dishes for years.

Simply roast and add it to your shakes, drinks like jaljeera and lassi for benefits galore.

Sattu itself is used to make a delicious summer drink.

Have A Different Soup

Yes, you can make chickpea soup very easily.

In fact, it is served as a delicacy in many cafes.

You can use chickpea stock along with chickpeas to give your soup an Indian flavour with mild spices and a dash of lime. It helps fight inflammation, thereby boosting immunity and regulating blood sugar levels.

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