What desserts are good for weight loss?


If you don’t want to give up your desserts after a meal and want to achieve your weight loss, there are great news for you!

Did you know that changing your ice cream or chocolate cake for a fruit can make a big difference on the scale and, best of all, on your health.

Fruits can be found in a huge variety of colors, shapes and flavors.

In addition to being nutritious and, in general, low in calories, many guarantee high fiber content, which helps with satiety and promotes a faster intestinal transit.

In addition, fruits have a diuretic effect due to their high water, magnesium and potassium content, and low sodium content.

A fruit is always a better option for its low caloric content, for providing fiber and for diuretic actions, prebiotics, intestine modulator and antioxidant.

All of these attributes help in losing and maintaining a healthy weight.

Keeping an eye on health

Before thinking about aesthetics, it is essential to evaluate the health benefits.

And, in this regard, the fruits are unbeatable.

Many studies confirm this: protection of the gastrointestinal tract, acting positively in constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases; lowering LDL (“bad” cholesterol);

reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome; defense against colorectal and lung cancer;

contributes to greater bone mineral density in children and adults; better mental health and other benefits, increasing the chances of good aging.

Fruits also help to reduce excessive weight gain because the nutrients and the fruit itself chewing promote more satiety.

Sweet, on the contrary, promotes peaks in blood glucose and insulin, increasing the chance that the person will have more cravings for sweets or carbohydrates, and be less satiated.

The minimum recommended daily intake is 2 cups (of tea) of fruit for adults, or up to five fruits.

Avoid just taking more than one unit at a time or adding sugar to the portion.

And bet on fractions throughout the day, for example: 1/2 papaya for breakfast, an apple after lunch, a mango with yogurt for the afternoon snack and a saucer of strawberries after dinner.

Do you know the amount of calories some fruits have?

Avocado, dried coconut and banana are on the list of high-calorie fruits, yet they are healthier than that processed or sugar-filled treat.

Most fruits range between 40 and 60 calories per 100 grams, while desserts can vary in calorie content, providing 100, 150, 200 or more calories per 100 grams.

For example, a single brigadeiro (30 g) provides 100 calories, whereas a slice of lemon pie with meringue (100 g) reaches 450 calories, the equivalent of five bananas.

For those looking to lose weight, it is recommended to opt for less sweet fruits, moderating on banana, papaya, persimmon, mango, grape and atemoya.

In the list of the most suitable are: acerola, strawberry, raspberry, peach, cashew, cherry, guava, orange, tangerine, passion fruit, melon, watermelon, fig, plum, jabuticaba, nectarine, kiwi, apple, pear and pineapple.

And even the sweetest or most caloric fruits can be consumed in moderation, being always the best option when compared to sweets.

For example, a slice of avocado has so much nutritional value that it should be part of a weight-loss diet, even though it is a fatter fruit.

Another important tip is to try to consume the fruit, if possible, with the skin.

In snacks, associate with a protein (yoghurt), fiber (linseed or chia) or good fat (nuts and coconut).

The results come in the long term and with the constant change in food”, recalls the nutritionist.

Make a healthy and tasty dessert

That more caloric candy is released, but every now and then.

Avoid making a habit of this and leaving out fruits, which are very tasty and much more nutritious.

Here, the experts give some tips to make this exchange without suffering and then give recipes to make at home:

  • Place the fruit in the oven or smoke it in a little butter. For example, pineapple and apple slices lightly baked with lemon zest are delicious.
  • Fruit salad is a great option and can be garnished with natural yoghurt and a little toasted grated coconut.
  • Strawberries, blackberries or grapes with sour cream or coconut milk and 1 teaspoon of sprinkled chia is a delicious and great dessert to serve with friends.

Mango Frozen


  • 1 mango cut into cubes
  • 1 pot of natural yogurt

Method of preparation:

Freeze the mango and, after frozen, place in a blender with natural yogurt. Beat until it forms a thick cream, with the consistency of frozen yogurt. Garnish with mint leaves and serve.

Avocado mousse with cocoa


  • 1 avocado or 2 ripe avocados
  • 2 tablespoons of 100% cocoa powder
  • 4 tablespoons of cane molasses or honey

Method of preparation:

Process all ingredients until you get a smooth cream.

frozen banana ice cream


  • 3 ripe bananas
  • 50 ml of coconut milk

Method of preparation:

Chop the bananas and freeze. In a food processor, add the frozen bananas and coconut milk and process.

Transfer to small pots and serve.

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