What is the best app for Yoga for Beginners? Our 4 Top Picks


With depressing news all around, it has become very challenging to focus on both personal in terms of taking care of loved ones and on work front, to complete the tasks assigned for the day.

Yoga is an ancient Indian fitness regime, which has several benefits and is probably the best form of exercise that can help not just improve the physical fitness but also mental wellbeing.

To get them done smoothly, we have to make time at least 45 minutes to one hour a day to do meditate or do Yoga.

So we have listed top five handpicked apps that are worth trying to help you balance work and personal life.

Daily Yoga
Daily Yoga offers more than 500 asanas, 1000 plus guided yoga, pilates, meditation plans plus the largest yoga pose library for man and woman that suit yogis target such as flexibility, weight loss, stretching and so on.

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Also, users can get access to more than 40 yoga coaches who are globally respected or the initiator of yoga styles focus on yoga for weight loss. There are multiple levels of training plans from beginner to advanced.

Asana Rebel
It is an all-round fitness app and offers plans for weight loss, get in to good physical shape in terms of hardcore fitness, healthy lifestyle improvements and Yoga sessions.
Users get access to 100 plus workouts designed by yoga and fitness experts. It also offers personalised workouts according to the health and fitness goals of the subscribers.

It also has a curated workout collections to achieve specific fitness goals and more.

Headspace Meditation & Sleep
It is one of the most downloaded app on Play Store. It has been installed on than more 10 million phones around the world.

Headspace app teaches users on how to meditate and live mindfully, with guided sessions on stress management, happiness, resilience, physical health, and more.
It offers separate session to help users sleep faster on the bed. It offer guided sleep meditations with relaxing sleep music in the background to help people reach the place of calm and rest in the mind.

It is one of the leading wellness and mindfulness app on Google Play Store with more than 10 million downloads around the world.
It offers daily 10–minute programme for users.

Additionally, It has hundreds of plans for intermediate and advanced users.

Calm app users get access to guided meditation sessions in lengths of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes so they can choose the perfect length to fit with their schedule.

Key topics include:

Calming Anxiety, Managing Stress,

Deep Sleep, Focus and Concentration,

Relationships, Breaking Habits, Happiness, Gratitude,

Self-Esteem, Body Scan, Loving-Kindness,

Forgiveness, Non-judgement,

Commuting to work or school,

Mindfulness at College,

Mindfulness at Work,

Walking meditation,

Calm Kids and more.

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