What happens if we drink lassi daily? Health Benefits Of Lassi You Probably Haven’t Heard


Lassi is a healthy fermented dairy beverage whose consumption is linked with several health benefits.

Traditionally, it has been a vital part of daily diet of many people in India.

However, the onset of soft drinks and other carbonated beverages have attracted younger generation due to their flavour, and attractive packaging and advertisements.

Hence, in recent years, lassi has lost its popularity.

However, with increasing incidences of more harms than benefits of synthetic beverages, there is a realisation to reintroduce lassi and promote this traditional beverage.

Lassi is known for its refreshing taste, thirst quenching and health benefitting properties.

On an average, sweetened lassi has one to two per cent protein, 3-3.5 per cent fat, 16 to 18 per cent total solids and acidity varying from 0.75 to 0.88 per cent.

Lassi contains appreciable quantities of phospholipids, minerals and vitamins.


Besides the nutrients present in milk, it also contains several metabolites produced by lactic acid bacteria.

Lassi is nourishing and healthy.

Good quality lassi should have creamy consistency, smooth texture, glossy sheen and white colour with yellowish tinge.

Mild acidic flavour and sweetish taste of lassi make it a refreshing soft drink.

The major steps involved in processing of lassi are selection and standardisation of milk, heat treatment, inoculation and incubation, adjusting total solids, addition of flavourings and packaging.

Health Benefits of Lassi

    • Lassi is refreshing and quickly brings down body temperature


    • It prevents dehydration and contains electrolytes useful for our body


    • Lassi is rich in B complex vitamins and vitamin D and helps our body


    • Contains calcium, sodium, potassium and traces of phosphorus


    • Lassi is a fermented beverage. It acts as a cleanser, detoxifying our digestive tract, cleanses the intestines, relieves constipation and helps in replenishing intestinal flora


    • The lactic acid in lassi improves body metabolism and is good for skin


    • Lassi helps in proper digestion and remove toxins from our body


    • Lassi strengthens immunity, helps fight against a variety of infections

Comparison with other soft drinks

Several carbonated drinks are available in the market and are high in sugar content and acidity.

Over-consumption of these is not recommended as they are detrimental to our general and oral health.

Some of these additives are potentially carcinogenic and may lead to cardiovascular problems.

However, consumption of lassi has several health benefits as it has proteins, high contents of minerals such as calcium, vitamins A, B and D.

Besides, lassi is loaded with probiotics that prevent infections and stomach disorders.

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