How can I exercise in winter? Winter Workout Routine You Should Try

As you probably noticed, seasons are changing – winter is just around the corner.

And we need to have a look at some good exercises to keep fit and healthy over these cooler months, by focusing on tight and toned arms, working out the midsection and some killer cardio and lower body workouts.


First up, let’s try some seated punches combined with seated shoulder presses.

Sitting up straight with your ribcage lifted, alternate punching above your head for 30 seconds.
Then, pick up your dumbbells (up to 4kg), and press up from your shoulders for 30 seconds.

Try this one three times.

Staying seated in the same position, let’s do some lateral side raises.

With your arms slightly bent by your sides and your palms towards your body, slowly raise your arms to shoulder height and then lower back down for 30 seconds.

Try the first set without any weights, and then you can add your dumbbells for subsequent sets.

Do this four times for 30 seconds each.

We’ll round out the arms portion of the workout with some seated dips.

Sitting on the edge of a seat or bench, place your hands by your hips and bend your legs slightly.

Slowly lower your body off the seat and towards the ground by bending at the elbow joint, keeping your back straight.

Try for 20 dips in a row, or hold the dip position for 20 seconds. Repeat three times.


Okay, now let’s work those abs!

Sitting on the ground with legs bent in front of you, sit back slightly and rotate left to right for some modified alternate twists.

Do three sets of 15 twists each side, and, over time, you can introduce a 5kg weight plate to hold as you twist.

Continuing with the twist theme, remain in the same position, but lift your feet off the floor.

Again, do three sets of 15 alternate twists each side, and you can introduce a weight plate here, too.

Next up is everyone’s favourite, the plank.

Lying face down, elevate your body weight onto your elbows and toes (or knees).

Hold for 30 seconds, and repeat three times, making sure you keep your elbows in line with your shoulders.


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For the final part of the workout, I’ve combined legs and cardio together.

First up, some sprints – jog for around 10 metres or so, then do a burst of speed and power for another 10. Repeat this five times.

Next, try a seated wall squat. With your back flat against the wall, bend your legs to a 90-degree angle and hold for 30 seconds.

Then, stand up and go into 30 squats.

To cool down, walk or jog for one minute.

Repeat this entire workout three times if you can.

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