Is cheese omelette good for weight loss? Video Recipe Inside


You can have a kitchen full of ingredients yet won’t know what to do with it, but the moment you spot an egg, you already know at least 10 ways to cook it.

There are very few things in our pantry that are almost as versatile as an egg.

Touted to be the best bioavailable source of protein, eggs are good for muscles, weight management, hair and skin.

It keeps you full for longer, which is what makes it a preferred pick for breakfast.

Omelette, scrambled eggs, frittata, devilled eggs –  there is so much that you can whip up with only a few eggs up your pantry, so why stick to the usual suspects.

Cheese omelette is one of the most beloved breakfast dishes of all times, across the globe.

If you wish to give your simple omelette an interesting and flavourful upgrade, this cheese omelette recipe is something you can definitely consider.


How To Make Cheese Omelette

To make this omelette, you would need some eggs, salt, freshly grounded pepper, grated cheese and butter or oil.

First of all, beat the eggs together along with the seasoning.

To make your omelette fluffier, you can add milk or cream in batches while beating the eggs.

Heat the pan with butter or oil for a richer texture butter is preferred.

Add the eggs to the pan only when the sputtering bubbles tend to settle.

Next, sprinkle over the cheese.

Be as generous as you can for it to be the cheese omelette of your dream.

You must also understand when to remove the omelette from heat.

Check for the side facing the pan, the bottom side of the omelette should be creamy and golden not dark brown.

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If you are feeling very experimental, you can also add veggies like bell peppers, onions or capsicum to your omelette.

And also, there spruce it herb with any herbs or spices of your choice.
Making perfect cheese omelette is easier than you think.

Here’s full recipe of Cheese Omelette.

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