What is the most realistic way to lose weight? 10 weight loss myths busted


Say goodbye to these weight loss myths.

The internet is filled with misinformation and false health tips that need to be exposed.

Unfollow 10 weight loss myths to unlock a foolproof regimen.

Super diets to lose weight

Keto, general motors, and paleo diets are popularly believed to be the best diets to lose weight.

These diets are not sustainable and the results are difficult to maintain.

Studies show that various diets that include the same number of calories have the same effect on weight.

Following a calorie deficit, to control the intake of calories per day to be less than the number of calories used daily, is the most effective diet hack to burn fat and lose weight.

Sugar leads to weight gain


It is not necessary to gain weight because of sugar. If consumed in controlled quantities, sugar is completely safe. It is wise to make sure that one’s sugar intake does not contribute to an increased calorie intake.

Frequent tiny meals burn calories

The same amount of food, whether eaten over two, three, or six meals, contributes to the same calorie intake. So, the number of meals does not matter, but what you eat in those meals does.

For fat loss, it all comes down to the calorie intake and the calories burned during the day.

Cold showers to cool-down

Many gym-goers believe that taking cold showers help to cool down after a workout. Research suggests that cold water immersion, instead of showers, helps reduce muscle soreness after training.

Supplements, key to weight loss

One can lose weight without using any fat burning supplements. These supplements are mostly ineffective and can even be harmful to the body if consumed without professional advice.

Exercise changes breast size

Spot reduction or spot increase in any particular area of the body is impossible.

Although one can train their chest muscles which help in building upper body strength, weight gain or loss in one area, in particular, is not possible unless one gains or loses weight overall.

Squats are bad for knees

Various studies show that squats can be beneficial to strengthen the knees and help in the prevention of, and recovery from common knee injuries.

Even so, it is recommended to consult one’s doctor before including it in one’s fitness routine in case of previous knee injuries.

Mornings are best for workout

Many studies show an increase in muscle strength and gains when one trains in the evening instead of the morning because the level of testosterone to cortisol ratio in the evening is higher.

However, the most effective way to stay fit is to consistently work out at a particular time every day.

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Run to lose weight

Running is a great cardiovascular activity and helps to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.

However, alternatives like swimming or cycling provide similar results and can be better suited for overweight beginners.

Any activity that helps to maintain a calorie deficit is ultimately helpful for weight loss.

The 30 minute-rule

It is good to consume protein if you’re following an exercise regimen, but it is not compulsory to consume it within 30 minutes of a workout session. Any time between an hour or two hours after exercising is good.

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