What is best for newborn skin? 5 Essential skincare tips every mother should know

Your newborn is a bundle of joy that completes your life.

However, He or She has extremely soft and delicate skin which needs to be protected and pampered always.

Due to the weather changes, diaper and other things, their skin may get damaged causing rashes.

So, here at Healthy Supplies Shop, we share the simple steps that can quickly help you master the tricks and keep your baby’s skin healthy and glowing.


Baby massage is essential as it helps the baby to feel relaxed and improves sleep.

When you massage your baby’s skin, the baby feels your calming touch and feels loved.

Choose a chemical-free massage oil, and the best ingredients for a newborn’s skin are almond, coconut and sesame. You can choose a blend of these oils and massage your baby.


Babies need baths in warm water to stay clean and tidy.

The bath water should be at a perfect temperature so that your baby does not catch a cold.

Use soap and shampoo for their bath.

Clean their face with a moist cotton ball. Dry the body with a soft hooded towel and apply lotion to seal in the moisture.

Preventing diaper rash

An infant needs a diaper change every 2 to 4 hours and whenever you change the diaper, make sure to wipe the skin with water-based baby wipes and apply diaper cream.

Pat the skin dry and leave it open for a few minutes to air-dry so that moisture does not cause diaper rash.

We recommend buying fragrance-free and 99 or 100 percent water-based baby wipes that do not cause any reactions.

Choose products wisely

Your baby’s skin is delicate, and it is best to use home products like coconut oil, besan, curd, turmeric, etc.

However, in this busy world with mothers-turned-entrepreneurs, there is no time to make products at home.

Hence, it is crucial to choose wisely from the available range of products in the market that is 100 percent safe in use.

Use fragrance-free soaps and bath gels, tear-free shampoos, talc-free powders and gentle lotions.

Avoid the use of scented and antibacterial products as they can be harsh on the skin.

Take care of skin according to weather

Babies under the age of 6 months need a special skincare routine and skin needs to be taken care of according to weather. Hot summers, cold winters and direct sunlight can harm the skin.

Dress the babies in loose cotton clothes and use a hat to protect them from the sun, or they may develop a heat rash.

During winters, dry weather can make the skin flaky and dry, so keep the air moist with a humidifier.

Dress your baby in layers during winters to keep them safe from the cold.

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