What is the best way to wash pesticides off fruits and vegetables?

We all know about the health benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables.

But probably you are not getting the most out of your diet – because you don’t wash the produce properly.

Because, using standard tap water is not enough; you need to soak your tomatoes and strawberries in high alkaline water with a pH of around 11.5 instead.

Doing this leads to a chemical reaction that helps to strip away harmful pesticides left on the skin.

It works because many of the commonly-used pesticides are oil-based, which requires the alkaline effect to break them down.

The chemicals are used by farmers and food producers around the globe to ward off insects and weeds.

Research has found that fruit such as apples, peaches and nectarines – plus vegetables including cucumbers, peppers, spinach and potatoes – are among the worst culprits for high pesticide residue.

While the chemicals do a good job of eliminating bugs and diseases, they have been linked to conditions such as skin irritation, eye issues and even anxiety and ADHD if ingested by humans.


You need to transform a standard home water into a pH-managed product.

The best way to maximise the benefits of eating fresh fruit and veg is to soak them for 10 to 30 minutes.

People are increasingly becoming aware of how what they put in their bodies can affect their health, both physical and mental.

Soaking your tomatoes and cucumbers, for example, in high alkaline water with a pH of around 11.5 will strip away the chemical residue of any harmful pesticides.

You will see the colour of the water change the longer the fruit and veg is soaking – which makes it even more satisfying, knowing the good you are doing to what you are about to eat.

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