What to do after binging?Follow these 5 easy diet tips to get back in shape

Binging or Binge eating is something which we all are guilty of doing from time to time.

But it is not just the extra weight one tends to pack during this festive season,.

It also the difficulty the body can face in digesting and assimilating the foods prepared during the festivities which are high in fats, sugar and carbohydrates.

The festive season washes up a year’s worth hard work in maintaining your diet and body.

Unfortunately there is no magic pill that will help melt away fat, so you should stick to a healthy diet and sweating it out in the gym.

Here are some tips to get back into shape:


Start Your Day With A Detox Drink

Detoxing the body is one of the latest trends in removing the harmful toxins from the body.

The human body has many natural pathways to remove toxins like liver, urine, faeces, sweat, and more. Include freshly squeezed lemon, grapefruit, honey or apple cider vinegar in the detox drink to shed those extra kilos.

Try having the detox juice on an empty stomach in the morning to speed up the weight loss process.

Include Fresh Fruits And Vegetables In Your Diet

In order to cleanse your body from the atrocities of the high-calorie festive diet, try going green for at least 2 weeks. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily regimen.

The buck load of toxin build in your body to the regular intake of sweets and fried foods have already caused a lot of trouble for the tummy.

The essential nutrients and fibres in the veggies and fruits effectively remove the toxins and give you a clean and healthy palate.

Steer Clear Of Fried and Sugary Food

As you have already gorged on a high amount of sweets and savoury during the entire festivities, its high time to say a complete ‘NO’ to all sort of sugary or fried goodies.

Avoid all sorts of sugary items, which also includes sweetened tea, coffee, fruit juices, mint gums etc.

Since your body is already coping with the extra sugar and oil from the food you ate, refraining from them for quite some time should be your main target to get back to shape.


Intermittent Fasting

Although there are several ways to lose weight, intermittent fasting is the new fad. It mostly includes a normal diet incorporated with short bursts of fasting.

One of the key benefits of intermittent fasting is that the short fasting in between meals helps the body to use up the extra fat to produce energy for various bodily functions and activities.

Select a specific type of intermittent fasting from a wide range of methods like 5:2 diet, 16:8 diet or alternate fasting days depending upon your body requirement to lose the extra kilos.


Drink more and more water

Water is the solution of almost every problem in this universe. Similarly, drinking water can be really helpful for weight loss too. Since, water is 100% calorie-free and also helps in burning more calories, drink good liters of water each day.

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