5 Walnut Recipes Every Weight Watcher Should Know

if you are a weight watcher, you probably love adding a handful of walnuts to smoothies, salads or a bowl of yogurt.

Walnuts not only add crunch and texture to a dish, but also elevate the overall taste of the food.

In fact, you can add any nut to almost every recipe for that extra zing.

But we going to talk about the most extensively used nut – walnut.

Alongside its culinary usage, what adds on to walnut’s popularity is its rich nutrient-profile.

Walnut is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids etc. and has countless number of health benefits.

As per the USDA Nutrition data, a cup of walnut is packed with 5 grams of protein, 2 grams of fibre and 200 calories of energy.

Deemed to be a super-food, this brain-shaped crunchy nut promotes weight loss, prevents ageing, and manages diabetes and more.

A recent study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC), has further found that inclusion of walnut in our usual diet may help reduce inflammation in human body.

Rich in anti-inflammatory properties and omega-3 fatty acid, it further reduces the risk of heart-related diseases.

The anti-inflammatory effect of long-term consumption of walnuts demonstrated in this study provides novel mechanistic insight for the benefit of walnut consumption on cardiovascular disease risk beyond that of lipid lowering,” said Montserrat Cofan, PhD, lead author of the study.


Hence, health experts around the globe often recommend walnut as a part of our daily diet for overall nourishment. Keeping this in mind, we handpicked some recipes that will help you add walnut to your diet, without much hassle.

Here’re 5 Walnut-Based Recipes For You:

Banana Walnut Lassi

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that lassi strikes the perfect balance between health and taste. Made with creamy yogurt, it is good for gut, keeps you hydrated and improves metabolism for overall health. Adding some walnuts and banana to it is the easiest way to take its benefits a step forward. recipe here

Walnut, Berry And Beetroot Smoothie Bowl

Looking for a wholesome meal to give a healthy start to your day? This amazing smoothie bowl is just the dish for you. Alongside the goodness of walnuts, the recipe includes nutrient-packed berries, beetroot, oats, milk and more in it. recipe here


Leafy Salad With Walnuts

Adding nuts to a salad bowl is a popular tradition among salad-eaters. A handful of nuts add health and taste to our meal. We bring to you one such salad that includes green leafy vegetables and walnuts in its recipe, making it a wholesome bowl for you. recipe here

Walnut Kebab Recipe

If you are anything like us, then the very thought of kebab is enough to make you slurp. Made with walnut, potato, carrot, paneer and a pool of spices, this dish is just ideal for satiating evening cravings. You can also serve it as a starter at any house party or feast. recipe here

Walnut Halwa Recipe

We also found a walnut-based halwa recipe for you! It includes ground walnut, cucumber seeds, saffron etc., making this dish all about indulgence. You can replace the sugar in this recipe with some healthier alternatives to make it guilt-free for the dieters.recipe here

Try these recipes at home and give yourself a treat of nutrition and taste for a well-balanced lifestyle.

Eat healthy. stay fit!

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