This step-by-step guide to your beauty routine as you age is all you need to know

Beauty routine changes you need to make as you age.

We know change is the only thing constant but it can surely be a task.

If changes in the environment lead to a lot of mental strain, then just imagine the effects of the changes on your skin as you steadily age!

Ageing like fine wine can only be fruitful if you lead a healthy lifestyle and bring about changes to your skincare routine as you mature age-wise.

Admit it or not, all of us have that a couple of skincare products that we find comfort in and find it a task to let go.

In similar lines, your skin may be accustomed to a particular product that you have been using since your teens but it is quintessential that you revise it and bring about a change in it.

In this article, we will explore the factors and possible changes to your skincare regime that you should make, every 10 years you cross a milestone of your birth.

Before straightaway heading to the factors, it is important to understand the times your skin calls for help.


Check out the signs here:

Signs that your skin needs a change

    1. Breakouts: You have zits, enlarged pores, uneven skin that desperately demands your skin. Do not ignore it for it’s a sign that your skin is screaming for help.


    1. Discolouration: Discolouration of your skin might not be uncommon but if it happens too frequently, your skin is asking for a change in your beauty regime. If you happen to see redness and patchy skin, it’s time for a beauty revival.


    1. Irritation: Does your skin feel itchy and it doesn’t make you feel comfortable? It is time you treat it right. Consult an expert if need be and get into the root of the problem. Most chances are that your skin needs a change as you age.


Now that we know a couple of signs, here is our age-by-age tips on how to process and imbibe a change for your skin as you age.

Skincare in ‘20s

Your skin is still young and tight, however, prone to pimples due to the impulsive lifestyle that you must be leading. Ensure your skin goes through a lot of hydration, cleansing and a lot of sunscreens as and when you step out. Go for a lot of DIY masks for skin and hair as you prep up to jump into your ‘30s.

Skincare in ‘30s

You will notice a sudden jump in your skin once you touch the ‘30s. It is that nascent stage when your skin requires nothing but care. Try to exfoliate your skin twice every week and find yourself a good scrub. Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise your skin to the core.

Skincare in ‘40s

As some say, radiance starts at 40! You might slowly start seeing fine lines and wrinkles forming around your eyes and lips but it is the change that you need to address. Keeping the terms ‘age gracefully’ as your mantra, use collagen-building and moisturising creams that will help tighten skin and smoothen fine lines. Switch to a gentle cleanser and moisturise your skin regularly and help to keep it hydrated.

Skincare in ‘50s

Your will steadily notice visible changes in your skin. Make sure moisturising your skin with dermatologically approved creams is a constant in your skincare routine. Your skin is now more prone to sagging, so the heavier your moisturisers and skin creams, the better. For the makeup enthusiasts, the whole idea is to not hide ageing from your face but to make you look natural as you age gracefully. There is a very subtle difference. SPF-rich creams and sunscreens should be a must in your skincare regime.

Apart from this, we also recommend a few lifestyle changes. Start doing yoga, resorting to greens, meditating and healthy eating. De-stress yourself as much as possible and take good care of your skin and retain your forever youthful glow!

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