5 Things About Carbohydrates Weight Loss Experts Don’t Want You to Know


If you always feeling tired and wanting to stay in bed for most of the day.

If you feel whole body is full of inflammation caused by eating unhealthy carbohydrates.

And if you search on internet about it, pretty much everyone says – Forget fats and carbohydrates, let’s load up our plates and drinks with protein because that’s the only nutrient that’ll help us lose weight and build muscles.

This might be one of the most bogus nutritional facts of the decade. Unfortunately, most of us fall prey to such beliefs when the food industry kick-starts a trend.

While the information shared with everyone isn’t false, many details remain hidden.

A healthy diet means balancing nutrition in your daily meals.

All macronutrients—carbohydrates, fats and proteins—are equally essential for your body, especially when you’re trying to lose weight.

So stop believing in these myths about carbohydrates.


Carbohydrates Are Fattening

What’s been fueling this myth is the results of low-carb diets.

People think they are losing weight by cutting down carbs but in reality, it’s the result of removing calorie-dense foods like fried chips and sweet drinks.

Carbs fuel your body for vital functions like digestion.

And all carbs contain a certain amount of fibre but it is lost when the food is refined or fried.

So it is not the carbohydrates that make you gain weight, it is the refining or cooking process that filters the nutrition away.

This is why you should fill your diet with whole grains and baked or roasted snacks instead of highly-refined unhealthy foods.


Don’t Eat Carbohydrates In Food At Night

All good carbohydrates are processed by your body the same way, regardless of when you eat them. It is the refined food you should avoid in general.

Be sure to eat whole grains whenever possible and control portion size as an excessive quantity of any food can lead to weight gain.

Low-Carb Diet Is The Best Way To Lose Weight

Low-carb diets are popular for showing fast results. Yet, for most people, long-term low-carb diets are not sustainable.

In fact, researches have shown that individuals who avoid grains are more prone to obesity and metabolic complications like type 2 diabetes.

Weight loss from low-carb diets doesn’t always mean fat-loss. It can just be a loss of water weight.

Sugar-Free Means Carb-& Calorie-Free

I only eat sugar-free snacks so I am good.

Don’t be so sure because many terms are tossed on a packet to make you believe your food is free of all-things-unhealthy. But understanding them is tricky and needs research.

Sugar-free means your food contains less than 0.5 grams of sugar. No added sugar means no amount of sugar was added to the product but it may contain other sweeteners and other ingredients that are not carb-or calorie-free.

Instead of paying extra for artificial sweeteners, control the portions of your regular food items.

Fruits Are High In Carbs, So Skip Them

Thanks to many diets and some misconceptions, fruits also got some bad reputation for being sweet.

But along with many other nutrients, fruits contain a natural form of sugar called fructose. Researches have confirmed that the peeps who eat fruits are less likely to be diabetic.

Regular consumption of fruits can make your skin glow naturally. But eat it, don’t drink it. A glass of juice doesn’t contain the fibre a whole fruit does. Added sugar in fruit juice is no good either.


Carbs are not the enemy but the way a food product is processed might be.

So don’t give up on any source of nutrition without consulting a professional. A dietician can personally advise you what to add and eliminate from your diet based on your body’s needs.

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