Rebel Wilson’s secret workout for weight loss that may shock you


Rebel Wilson has been adored by fans all around the world for sharing her workout routine.

Now her fans ‘finally understand’ – and it’s hilarious.

The 40-year-old actress looked as confident as ever as she showed off her incredible weight loss figure while on holiday in the French Riviera.

In a mid-length red and white shift dress, Rebel took hold of an enormous bottle of Grey Goose vodka and proceeded to ‘workout’ with it in a video she shared with her 8.7 million followers.

Doing her best to hold onto the bottle, Rebel says: “Hey guys, I just wanted to show you my new workout routine, I call this the Monaco routine,” before proceeding to use the bottle to perform bicep curls.

She started with bicep curls then progressed to shoulder press
(Image: rebelwilson/Instagram)

“Basically, we’re just gonna work the biceps. This is just 4.5 litres of vodka, and… I’m really trying to tone the upper arms, so we switch.

“We first do some biceps and then take it over head,” as she begins to shoulder press the bottle above her head.

She continues: “You just really want to feel that burn.”


Holding the bottle by the neck, Rebel then swings it over her shoulder and begins to run towards the stairs of the yacht.

(Image: rebelwilson/Instagram)

“Then you wanna run up and down the stairs like this… I’m not gonna run and up down the stairs right now but, you guys get the picture.”

She concludes the impromptu exercise routine, saying: “That’s basically your arm workout for the day.”


Fans were quick to comment on the jokey routine, finding it hilarious.

Among them was fellow Pitch perfect star Brittany Snow, who said: “Finally a workout routine I understand.”

Ruby Rose also wrote: “I’m so jealous of everything going on in this video.”

One fan wrote: “We need more trainers like you!!”

A second added: “This is how I will be working out from now on!”

And a third: “It gets easier the more you drink it.”

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