Simple exercise for lower back, glutes and hamstrings you must try this week


Have you ever had a lower back pain or weakness?

How about tight and tired hamstrings?

If so, there could be a multitude of reasons from activity level to injury.

But many times it is the simple fact that the muscles are untrained, unstretched and weak.

This is all a simple fix, given there are no major injuries of course.

Our move for today is a pulsing deadlift.

This exercise will be toning the lower back, glutes and hamstrings.


This move will also provide a good stretch to the whole backside.

You will need a weighted bar for this deadlift. If your equipment is limited, be creative and improvise with household items.

Begin this move by gripping your weighted bar.

Place your hands just outside of hip width. Rolling your shoulders back and down, and holding your chest tall, engage your abdominals and place your feet hip-width apart with the toes facing forward.

With the bar resting on your thighs you are ready to start!

Keeping your chest lifted, proceed to bend in your hips, lowering the bar to at least the knees, or as low as you can efficiently bend. Once you reach your lowest point, hold that position and begin to make small pulsing movements by lifting and lowering in your deepest position.

Keeping your back strong, continue this pulsing motion for either a determined count or a set time; for example, 10 seconds or 10 repetitions.


Once you reach your goal, slowly return to the start, take a small break, reposition and proceed into another set.

Give yourself at least three to five sets of these pulsing deadlifts.

If you have restrictions in your back, or very tight hamstrings, this move may be smaller in the beginning. But once your muscles release and become stronger, you will begin to get a deeper move from this exercise.

If you feel you need intensity, simply add more weight to your bar.

This exercise is great added into any lower body or leg routine!

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