A Total Beginner’s Guide to workout for quads and hamstrings

If you are standing for a long periods of time, this workout is a must…

As frustrating as that can be; a stronger lower body can not only alleviate the strain on your muscles, but help your mind endure just a little bit longer!

This exercise will be working your whole lower body, starting with the quads and hamstrings.

And also the inner and outer thighs and calves.

All you need for this lunging exercise is a clear space for movement.


Begin this exercise by standing tall, holding your chest high and engaging your abdominals.

Place your hands on your hips and your foot stance just outside your hips.

Start by shifting your weight to your right foot, and stepping back (and over) with your left foot (behind and past) the right one.

Similar to stepping back into a regular lunge, but back and over more diagonally.

Once you have both feet placed on the ground, begin to bend your knees into your curtsy movement.


Keeping the front knee behind the toe, bend as low as you efficiently can, then slowly return back to the top of the move and drag the left foot back into your start position.

Now, repeat the same movement on your opposite side.

Continue this curtsy lunge by alternating your leading leg.

Continue this exercise for at least eight to 10 repetitions on each leg.

Take a small break, then repeat your curtsy lunges for at least three sets.


If your balance is slightly off, instead of placing your hands on your hips, you can hold a broomstick or a bar for added balance.

And if you need more intensity, you can hold a set of hand weights, or even place a weighted bar on your shoulders.

Any way you choose to perform these lunges, you will be pleased with your results and feel just a little less strain next time you are stuck standing in a long line!

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