Our favorite tips on achieving your ultimate skincare ritual

The pandemic has had a strong impact on how we live.

Zoom meetings, wearing masks, living a virtual life and more.

Not to mention, wearing masks in some countries is a law and for beauty fans, it really does mean taking extra care of skin, hair, and body. 

Here, we listed some of our favorite tips on achieving your ultimate skincare ritual, well beauty ritual.

We’ve included some easy, affordable things you can try at home.

Pick-and-choose what works best for you, adapt them to your life and routine, and have a happy life:



When you style your hair before a virtual interaction on screen like Zoom you are typically looking for something quick and easy. You want minimal effort to be camera ready.

  • Short hair: Straightening it is a classic and you cannot go wrong.
  • Longer hair: Try simple beach waves by tying your hair up and then curling your hair from the ponytail. When you open up the pony tail you have loose beach curls.

A half-up, half-down style using a grip is also a good idea.

If all else fails, the bun can save you! You could do a traditional bun or a messy bun.



Looking good makes you feel good and may boost your productivity. You can try different looks every day and really play around. Full glam may be a little extra when working from home but simple glam and soft glam are the perfect go-to looks for Zoom.


For a simple glam look, neutral colours are key. You want to use eyebrow products, foundation and concealer, a neutral coloured eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, nude lips and highlighter.


To create a soft glam look you can use your primer, concealer, foundation, warm or neutral coloured eyeshadow, eyebrow products, mascara, eyeliner and highlighter and your favourite lipstick.



Chains are your best friend when dressing for Zoom meetings as your face and neck are more visible than other parts of your body.

You can use this to your advantage. If you’re wearing a formal collared shirt a statement necklace or earrings also always turns up the outfit.

For tops that already have patterns that catch your attention you can opt for a planer pendant necklace and discreet stud earrings.

When it comes to chokers stay away from the material or lace type because they may not look as professional.


However, not everything is online … yet.  In some countries you have to wear a face mask every  time you leave home. Although a face mask blocks more than half of your face you can still pull off a good makeup look.

So we’ve a few makeup tips for when you make a grocery or other essentials runs while wearing a mask.


Apply a little more of your everyday moisturiser than usual when wearing  a face mask because the restricted air flow may cause drier skin and skin irritation.


Wax, thread or tweeze your eyebrows as often as you need to maintain the shape. You can also fill in your eyebrows if you usually do.


Foundation is quite messy so skipping this step is actually a good option, especially if your face mask is white. Instead use a concealer around your eye area and any other specific spots.

If you really must use foundation, apply a setting spray afterwards to avoid leaving foundation marks on your face mask.


Your eyes are your key feature especially when wearing a mask, so do the most! You could do basic, soft glam as above or go full glam.

False lashes are absolutely beautiful and there is really no better time to try these out. However, if you are not  a fan, use an eyelash curler and go heavier on the mascara.


Last but not least there is lipstick, which can just as bad as foundation when it comes to staining your mask. And, as disappointing as this may be to lippy enthusiasts, no one is really going to see it so opt for a moisturising lip balm instead of a lipstick.

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