Top 3 Apps To Help With Mental Health You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Over the last few months, millions of people around the world have a great deal of stress.

And unfortunately, already its effects on mental health are beginning to show.

According to, meditation helps to relieve pain, anxiety, and depression.

However, it has proven to be rather difficult to identify truly effective smartphone apps. Some suggestions on the best smartphone apps for mental wellbeing:

Build Emotional Strength with Wysa 

Wysa is an artificial intelligence-powered mental health chatbot that provides you an anonymous platform for venting frustration and anger, and an opportunity to reflect on life and your role so that you can build emotional strength.

The chatbot can make suggestions on tools for mindfulness audios, spiritual meditation, and other self-help techniques based on its analysis of your specific needs.

The app builds a custom toolkit containing tools that help you to cope better with anxiety, depression, grief, as well as insomnia. While the app is free but you can get human coach guidance by subscribing to it.


A free meditation app, Insight Timer promises users several benefits ranging from anxiety reduction, mental calmness, managing stress, improving happiness, and even promoting deep sleep.

The app has gained huge popularity as it provides around 24,000 meditation routines, classified under different categories.

Additionally, it provides users access to a huge library of guided meditation programs conducted by top mindfulness and meditation experts, psychologists, neuroscientists as well as teachers from leading universities like Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, and many more.

The number of filters you can apply to customize your listening experience outstrips all other meditation apps.


The Calm app provides outstanding guided mechanism methods for learning mindfulness.


The apps give access to users a large content library featuring stories for promoting sleep, improving breath control, and relaxing music.

Calm has different sections for learning the art of meditation, getting more restful sleep so that you can wake up feeling more refreshed, exclusive music that can assist you to concentrate, relax, and sleep, video tutorials on gentle stretching exercises and mindful movement.

In addition to audio classes conducted by celebrated experts on mindfulness, and a large assortment of scenes and sounds inspired by nature that you can enjoy while relaxing, working, or even sleeping.

It has more than 50 million downloads and is also the winner of several awards for being the best meditation app.

Meditation has numerous benefits and has been proven to be very effective in relieving the mind from stress, fear, and anxiety that can have a great on both physical and mental health.

By using these popular smartphone apps, you, like millions of users worldwide can have access to some of the best learning techniques and content for promoting inner peace and happiness.

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