At-home fitness workout in 3 simple steps

While diet and exercise both play an important role in losing weight and keeping you fit, workout does play a more important role in muscle building.

If you are a healthy weight but just need to tone your body better, or are aiming for proportionate fat distribution, exercise is extremely important.

The thing with exercise is that most people begin an exercise routine to ward off diseases, and stay healthy, but over time, it becomes a part of their routine, lifestyle, and they also start to enjoy it.

Including exercises that you enjoy in your routine is extremely important. Here is one such fun, and effective exercise that can help you tone your belly and arms, and is also a good at-home workout to get your heart racing, and strengthen it.

How to do the exercise

The inchworm exercise is often a part of High-Intensity Interval Training workouts.

It helps to increase strength and flexibility in the body.

This exercise requires no equipment and uses the body weight to make this exercise more effective.

It works on the core, arms, upper back, and chest.

    • Step 1 – Stand tall with your legs straight. Bend from your waist and lean forward, to touch the floor with both your hands.


    • Step 2 – Now walk your hands forward, without moving your feet. When you reach the maximum capacity, you are likely to end up in a push-up like position. This movement resembles that of a worm, that moves inch by inch.


    • Step 3 – Now, in a similar way that you moved your hands, walk your feet forward so they meet your arms on the floor, and you end up in the initial position, as you began.

You may do 5, 7, and 10 reps of this exercise with a 45-second break in the middle if you are a beginner. If you are already at an intermediate level, you may do 2 sets of 15 reps.

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