Warning: Don’t Do Juicing For Weight Loss Until You’ve Read This

With more than 42 percent of U.S adults being overweight according to a 2018 CDC study, it’s by no coincidence juicing is catching on as a healthy drink option.

In addition, the most recent study from the USDA shows that only one in 10 adults gets enough fruits or vegetables, making juicing an option that’s easier to digest.

Juicing is an easy way to load up on nutrients that fruits and vegetables have on offer.

Even some of the fussy-eaters, who may push the veggies to one corner of their plate, enjoy a glass of juice without much tantrum.

So what is it about the juices, particularly green juice, that have fascinated the fitness enthusiasts.

Green juice as you may have guessed is green-coloured juice, typically made with green vegetables, fruits and herbs. It is brimming with antioxidants and various nutrients.

These juices help boost immunity, digestion and help you shed a kilo or two as well.

It is a good idea to start a day with a glass of green juice; it could act as a sponge and flush out all toxins from your body.

Starting your day with a quick detox may help amp up your energy levels and metabolism.

Kadi patta is available everywhere – it is an intrinsic part of Indian cooking.

Just take 5-10 leaves and a glass of water. Blend the leaves in water and you will get this green liquid.

If you do not have kadi patta, you can do the same with mint and coriander.

A nice, green fresh juice made with these herbs is going to be very alkaline.

Kick-start your morning with this juice and give your body a nice dose of chlorophyll, which will provide the vitamins that are crucial for optimal functioning of our body.

In the long run, it could help cut visceral fat (or belly fat) as well.

How To Make The Detox Juice

Kadi patta (or curry leaves) offers a wide gamut of health benefits.

They are good for digestion. Good digestion is an integral component of sustainable weight loss.

They are also good for heart, gut and diabetes management. If you have some time at hand, you can also blend some veggies like spinach or celery with your curry leaves.

A dash of mint may lend some zingy freshness to the concoction.

Blend it together, sieve and strain the juice in glass and drink up.


It has been emphasised often enough that diet and workout go hand-in-hand.

So make sure you compliment your diet with a good work-out regime as well for quicker and more sustainable results.

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