Beauty Hacks For Every Age That Will Help You To Stand Out from the Crowd

We going to share tips for doing your makeup in every age – as well as the beauty hacks every woman should try.

In your teens and twenties, you need to set yourself up for your later years by looking after your skin and never sleeping in your makeup

How should you apply makeup in your teens and twenties?

Your teenage years and twenties are both a time of experimentation and finding out what suits you with makeup.

What are the tricks for your teens and twenties?

1. Remember skincare is king: Get a dedicated and rigorous skincare regime established so you know what works for your skin.

2. Always take your makeup off: There is nothing that worsens the quality of your skin more down the track.

3. Don’t use too much foundation:  too many women trying to conceal redness and blemishes, but they end up masking their beautiful skin.

4. Figure out what suits you: Whether it is a red lip or a smokey eye, find what works and make it your signature style.

5. Invest in some good quality makeup brushes: These will make a massive difference to how you apply your makeup.

For teenagers and twenty-somethings is to take care of your skin as much as possible and get a rigorous and dedicated skincare routine down pat.

You should also avoid ever sleeping with your makeup on and don’t go too heavy with the foundation.

So many young women trying to cover their blemishes or redness, but they end up masking their gorgeous skin with a thick, heavy blanket of foundation.

Instead of slathering your face in makeup, you want to aim for something with a light/medium coverage but which also offers a radiant, natural-looking glow.

But, you should always remember a little goes a long way and you may only need to conceal the areas where you need extra coverage.

During this time that you try and get on top of what suits you, whether it’s a feline flick eye or a red bombshell lip.

Your twenties is also the perfect decade to start investing in makeup brushes if you already haven’t too.

When it comes to your thirties and beyond, we recommend that you look for products which are makeup and skincare hybrids

What about in your thirties and beyond?

What are the tricks for your thirties and beyond?

1. Look for skincare and makeup: Try to find skin and makeup hybrid products as these are the ones that will make you look younger.

2. Consider the texture of products: A cream will work well on your eyes, lips and cheeks, while something that is light and water-based will also allow your complexion to breathe.

3. Add a serum: In these decades, you absolutely need a serum in your routine – to be used morning and night.

4. Go lighter: Instead of black eyeliner, switch to brown for a softer look.

5. Perfect the feline flick: A feline flick with eyeliner will draw the gaze outwards and accentuate your eyes.

When it comes to your thirties, forties, fifties and beyond, you’re going to want your makeup to work a little harder, while also helping to make you look younger.

Look for products that are makeup and skincare hybrids.

These sorts of products will work hard at nourishing your skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, while also hydrating and providing you with coverage.

You should look at textures in your makeup at this time –  always look for ‘sophisticated’ textures with subtle sparkle and a bit of pearlescence.

Lighter, water-based textures are always better for our complexions too, as they hydrate and let the skin breathe.

Think creams for your eyes, lips and cheeks and brown eyeliner instead of black to soften your entire look.

If you could add one product to your regime at this time, we recommend a serum which helps to add ‘bounce, plumpness and elasticity’.

This is the perfect addition to personal skincare regime, use it by massaging just a few drops into skin with fingertips.

The instant hit of intense hydration makes my skin look and feel so glowy, and it makes makeup application so much easier.

A feline flick works well into these decades too, as it will help to accentuate your eyes and draw the gaze outwards with your face.

How to perfect the ‘feline flick’ with eyeliner

* A feline flick can really lift and elongate the eyes, giving them the appearance of a more feline, seductive shape.

* To do the feline flick, you need the right tools – a liquid eyeliner, a highlighter and a moisturiser to dab up mistakes.

* Before you begin, start by adding a highlighter to the inner corner of the eye and underneath the bottom lash line, 1/3 or the way along the lash line to really open up and widen the look of the eyes.

* Then, to add shape to the eyes, go for a thinner feline flick as this will elongate the appearance of the eye and add more definition to the lash line.

* You should take your liquid eyeliner and start in the inner corner of the eye, drawing as closely as possible to the lashline until you are 2/3 of the way out. From this point on, thicken the line, sweeping the pen ‘up and out’.

* Next, look in the mirror and draw a dot where you want your flick to end. This should be two millimetres up and out from the outer corner of your eye as a guideline. Compare them both and join the dots.

* If you are wayward with the liquid eyeliner, we recommend using a little bit of Cream to clean up any mistakes.

One of the top techniques is ‘tapping’ your skincare into your complexion to stimulate the blood flow and collagen

What about the tricks all women need to know? 

Every woman should be able to contour with highlighter for sculpted cheekbones and, and we recommend you use your highlighter on your cheekbones, temples, forehead and down the sides of the nose.

Putting highlighter in the right parts of the face will instantly help to sculpt it and make it look leaner and more defined.

You can also use a bronze shade in the hollows of your cheeks by sucking in the cheeks and following the hollows. This will give you a natural contour.

We also recommend you apply your skincare with a tapping sensation on your face, tapping it in around the eyes and towards the edge of your face.

This mimics a sort of massage and also stimulates the blood flow and collagen, helping to make you look younger.

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