Fun Disney Movie Workout Challenge

Love Disney movies? Well, why not get off the couch while you enjoy your Disney favorites with this awesome Disney Movie Workout Challenge!

Oh My Disney has partnered with Cigna to bring us this awesome workout challenge that we can do with while we watch our favorite Disney movies. So, get your family involved, rearrange the furniture in your living room, and get your workout on.

First up, Disney’s Hercules! This movie has what we think is the most underrated soundtrack of all Disney movie soundtracks.

Disney Movies Workout Challenge Hercules
Credit: Oh My Disney/Cigna

Get buff like Herc with these Disney’s Hercules moves

  • 15-Crunches every time Herc and Pegasus bump heads
  • 15-Calf raises (each leg) Whenever there is a 90’s reference (HA!)
  • 5-Burpees when Herc doesn’t know his own strength and breaks something… oof!

We can’t WAIT to leave our towers… or errr, homes! In the meantime, put in this Disney fave until we can find out when our lives will begin… again.

Disney Movies Workout Challenge Tangled
Credit: Disney/Cigna

Some of Disney’s Tangled moves include:

  • PLANK when during Flynn’s monologue
  • 10 Bicycle Crunches when Punzie’s fair acts as a third arm
  • 15-Squats whenever they get Flynn’s nose wrong
  • 10-Lounges (Each Leg) if Maximus is hunting Flynn

Laaaaa cigueñaaaa… babadishibabaaaa… That’s how it goes, right? Well, either way, hakuna matata and get moving with these Disney’s The Lion King inspired moves!

Disney Movies Workout Challenge The Lion King
Credit: Disney / Cigna

Disney’s The Lion King

  • 10-Supermans each time someone says Hakuna Matata
  • 15 Leg Raises when Scar makes an obvious joke about wanting to be King
  • :30 second Plank when you see a Zebra

Get off the couch and go under the sea with these awesome workout challenges to our favorite mermaid tail!

Disney Movies Workout Challenge The Little Mermaid
Credit: Disney/Cigna

Disney’s The Little Mermaid

  • Wall Sit during “Mysterious Fathoms Below” song
  • 15-Jumping Jacks when Flounder acts like a guppy
  • PLANK! While Prince Eric plays the flute

You can wreck it! And crush it! This workout we mean! Not your house. We don’t suggest that.

Disney Movies Workout Challenge Wreck-it Ralph
Credit: Disney/Cigna

Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph Workout

  • 20-Rolling Punches every time Ralph wrecks something
  • 5-Mountain Climbers every time Felix fixes something
  • 3-Squats when you see a familiar video game character


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