5 Tips for Staying Productive While You’re Working From Home

Thousands of people will now be working from home.

Working from home is both satisfying and challenging. In order to maintain a productive workflow, it’s essential to establish a routine.

Setting proper boundaries between work life and home life will ensure that your healthy lifestyle is not compromised under these unique circumstances.

1. Prepare your workspace

Stock your workspace with items you may need throughout your workday such as your laptop, charger, and a water bottle.

Include other items that may be useful such as lip balm and lotion, that way if you need these things you won’t be rummaging through your house, subsequently getting sidetracked.

Make sure your desk is organized and that your workspace is adequate for the projects you are developing.

Avoid areas with a lot of foot traffic, as side conversations with family members may be a distraction.

2. Wear professional attire

Even if you don’t have any virtual video calls, get dressed each morning just as you would if you were physically going into the office.

Dressing in professional attire when working from home will help to separate work time from relaxation time, even if both are happening in the same general area.

Designating apparel for specific activities also helps to break up the day and ensure that even though you’re working from home you have set healthy boundaries between your work and leisure time.

Once your working day is over, changing into leisure wear will be that much more satisfying.

3. Use your senses

Scent is a powerful tool for memory.

Peppermint is a refreshing scent that can help you feel more awake and alert.

Some findings have even linked peppermint to increased memory and attention span.

Diffusing peppermint essential oils into the air, or consuming peppermint tea or gum may help to increase your focus as you are working from home.


4. Use a planner

Record your scheduled work hours in your calendar, as well as your daily objectives.

Create separate lists for your personal and professional appointments.

If working from home requires you to use technology in a way that you are unfamiliar with, try using an electronic calendar to segment your day out.

This will help you stay organized while also learning to master a new skill.

Many electronic calendars offer different color-coding options for various task categories. You can even set alarm reminders to alert you of your scheduled appointments.

5. Take breaks strategically

Schedule regular breaks throughout your workday and sprinkle in additional ones as needed.

Hitting a wall while problem solving at work is a common issue, however this frustration can be compounded by the compartmentalized areas of your home dedicated to work and daily living.

Take a walk outside or read an article that has nothing to do with your work-related conundrum.

You can also try solving a different kind of puzzle in the form of Sudoku, word searchers, or picturesque jigsaws to shift your focus.

Breaks are essential to producing high quality work, so much so that studies have found not only can taking short breaks help you emerge on the other side of your mental block with a newfound perspective, but they can also help bolster productivity.

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